The Lincoln Park SK8 Team by Skribe 1

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So, I went to the skate spot and saw Angel (the captain of the Lincoln Park SK8 Team). "Was sup," slapped hands and he told me he had taken a hard fall moments earlier. I could still see the pain in his face, so I tried to take his mind off it, "What's it called when you're rail sliding and you tweak the back truck up onto the rail?"

"A feeble." He reminded me. "oh, yeah." Among the familiar faces, I spotted a guy sweating and catching his breath on the transitions. New era cholio, more dressed like a hip-hop thugster... he rode to the channel and tried to do a 180 degree ollie over the 4' channel and ride down the other side backward in a fakie position. He almost made it, but bailed at the last minute (these guys learn how to fall and not get hurt). I recognized him from the SK8 jams they had at the original skate park, but he had gotten older and better. I asked him his name and he shook my hand smiling (knowing I'm a sponsor) "Raul", he answered. "I noticed you've been putting in work and getting better. Your dedication to the art is showing; your skill-level is advancing." "Thank you, sir", he said. Smile beaming. He rode again towards the channel with Firm confidence and ollied a slow-motion 180 that went smooth when he landed going backwards. He just continued down the embankment with his arms raised in triumphant victory.

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When he came back up to the top of the run I complimented him on his move, and told him his hard work paid off. I just tossed him a new Firme Fatigues with the Zapata Camouflage. "Welcome to the Lincoln Park SK8 Team". He was at a loss for words, and just managed to say, "This is for Firme Fatigues..." rolling toward the channel this time he picked the back trucks up and snapped his nose in a powerful nollie that soared him through the air, awesome in its execution; perfect in its timing. The other skaters at the park gave applause 'cause it looked so nice. When he came back Raul shook my hand and thanked me, I told him his membership fee of $25 would cover a deck/ t-shirts would be $12 from now on. He would be given an opportunity to come out in the video, if he attended the practices that we haven't scheduled yet...

written by SKRIBE ONE!

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