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By Ernesto Espinoza | Web Published 9.20.2002

Cine Sin Fin was established by A La Brava in the summer of 1995 by four brothers: Jaime Gutierrez, Ernesto Espinoza, Marcos Gutierrez and Eduardo Espinoza. Our vision and mission for Cine Sin Fin (Cine) was to create a summer venue for Chicana/o and Raza independent filmmakers to showcase their film and video projects at a film festival in East Los Angeles. Moreover, it is to provide a catalyst for the establishment of a permanent venue to not only screen, but also develop, produce and promote our mission.

We have promoted positive images of our community in film and video through the Cine. We have empowered those individuals and organizations whose films personify and humanize the Chicana/o and Raza experience to those who would otherwise not be familiar with it. As well, we want to inspire Chicana/o and Raza youth into looking at careers in the film, television and video industry.

An ongoing policy for the Cine is accessibility. Knowing that most filmmakers who submit their film projects function on a minimal budget, our policy has been to dismiss the submission fee. The continuing policy also keeps the entrance fee at an affordable price: With discounts available for students, youth, veterans, elderly, physically challenged and special group rates.

Every year, without fail, Cine Sin Fin has exhibited films and videos to a full house with an audience of approximately 2,000 persons. We screen up to 20 to 30 films and videos depending, on the submission pull for that year. Our audience has consistently drawn in families, artists, producers, directors, youth and persons from all walks of life.

Each year we have a panel discussion of filmmakers, actresses/ors, directors, producers and activists. This panel serves as a forum in which aspiring filmmakers can ask career-defining questions and have them discussed among peers. Also, it serves as a networking opportunity and works to inspire audience members in pursuing careers in the industry.

At the 2nd Annual East LA Chicana/o Film Festival in 1996, our panel included frequent participant Moctezuma Esparza, producer at Esparza/Katz Productions acclaimed for "Requiem 29," "Mi Familia," and "Selena" (a yearly participant) and Gregory Nava, director of "El Norte," "Mi Familia" and "Selena." It was a standing room-only audience that participated in a discussions of the then-upcoming film Selena, staring Jennifer Lopez. Since the beginning, we have premiered many films, including the 1997 full-length feature comedy "Suckers" starring Danny De La Paz of Boulevard Nights. Also, the new project produced by the Estrada Brothers "Mexploitationists" made its debut and we premiered their project "Space Banda."

Cine Sin Fin acts both as a venue and networking experience. While the majority of our audience comes to watch the films, filmmakers, actors, screenwriters and producers come to share and collaborate. Many success stories have come from this unique networking opportunity.

Last year, Cine Sin Fin introduced The John Alonzo Visionary Award for Cinematography. The late John Alonzo was the cinematographer for such classics as "Chinatown" and "Scarface." Our panel included Jesus Trevi�o, producer/director of the acclaimed "The Fight In the Fields" about the late Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Union.

This year we will be honoring the late Anthony Quinn. His work on the silver screen has touched lives internationally. Hands down, Anthony Quinn was the most famous Chicano to ever grace Hollywood. With the approval of the Quinn family, Cine Sin Fin will be announcing and presenting The Anthony Quinn Award for Best Actor/Actress. The Quinn family has agreed to present the award this year.

Now, in the year 2002, A La Brava Producciones Revolucionarias, Incorporated is proud to present Cine Sin Fin: the 8th Annual East Los Angeles Chicana / Chicano Film Festival to the Chicano/Mexicano communities of East Los Angeles and show films by and about the Chicano/Mexicano experience.

Film is the most powerful medium in the world. It dictates perceptions, value structures and interpretations. Our goal has been to empower those who the films personify and to humanize the experience to those who would otherwise not be familiar with it. At last year's Cine Sin Fin, which took place at The Highland Theater, guests were actually sitting in the aisles.

This year�s Cine Sin Fin is turning out to be our greatest ever!

8th Annual East LA Chicana/o Film Festival-CINE SIN FIN

Friday, September 27 at 7 pm - Premiere Night Screening of "Matador" a comedy by Paul Rodriguez and Joey Medina, written and directed by Joey Medina.

Friday, September 27 at 10 pm - Opening Night Reception at "The Highlands", 104 North Avenue 56, Highland Park. Food and drinks available. Musical performance by Ollin, Burning Star and Contraption.

Saturday, September 28 from 12 noon to 9 pm - Screening of shorts, documentaries and features: including "In Search of Aztlan", "Symbol of Heart", "Space Banda", "Los Ultimos Zapatistas", "Mortality" and others.

Saturday, September 28 at 9 pm - Awards Ceremony: The "Anthony Quinn Excellence in Acting Award" presented by Alejandro A. Quinn. The "John Alonzo Award for Cinematography" presented by Jan Alonzo. Speakers panel: Moctezuma Esparza, Danny Rodriguez, Alejandro A. Quinn, Joey Medina, John Estrada, Jose Reyes and others. Reception to follow. c/s

At: Highland 3 Theaters
5604 North Figueroa Street
Highland Park
$5 each day
Ages: All ages
(323) 265-2344
[email protected]

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