DJ DUS | Live in Los Angeles and San Francisco

DJ DUS has taken the principals of 1970�s era Jamaican sound-systems, a producer�s approach to developing new material and a DJ�s skill behind the turntables to develop a unique and inspired mix of cumbia, hip hop and reggae tracks that translates to a new and fresh sound of his own. DJ Dus, has been at the forefront of the new cumbia scene, working from his studio in Corpus Christi, Texas, both behind the decks and the mixing console for a list of acts including: Grupo Fantasma, Toy Selectah, DJ Kane, La Conquista, Paula DeAnda, Baby Bash, Frankie J, El Sancho. He is now headlining his own brand/label, AMERICANO, with partners/designers, PRODUCE� located in Downtown Corpus, where they house a creative outlet for artists and musicians. When he is not re- cording in the studio, Oliveira is utilizing his new mash-up project, Master Blaster, to serve as a bridge between DJ culture, live music performances and the cumbia underground. Master Blaster is producing fresh sounds and beats for a new generation of cross pollinated youth.

In 2008 Dus was introduced as a member of the PELIGROSA ALL STARS, in Austin, TX along with Dj Orion, Hobo D, Manolo Black, & Pagame. Together they throw a monthly party in Austin, and have had successful recognition, as one of the states premier Latin parties/ dj crews.

In 2010, Exponential Records signed Dus, and released �De La Muerte�, a selection of cuts from his library of weirdo-cumbia tunes.

Visit Dusty�s blog and websites to gain a meaningful insight into this unique and talented producer,arranger, DJ and visionary. |

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