Interview with Paloma Michelle

Interview by Danny B. : For those of us reading this hearing about Paloma Michelle for the first time, how would you describe yourself and your music to us?

Paloma Michelle : I�m a �in your face� entertainer, who loves being on stage and doesn�t hold back! I�ve been a huge fan of pop music since I can remember and decided long ago that�s where my heart is. My music is fun, up beat and will definitely make you want to get up and dance! : How did you get started in music?

Paloma Michelle : I�ve been involved in the arts since a very young age, whether it was dancing, acting or singing. I always had to be performing one way or the other. That was my �Fun� for me. One day Lorenzo, a family friend heard me sing and decided to introduce me to his music producing team, Jay and Sweet Monore and have been writing together ever since. : What albums most influenced you in taking the first step into doing music professionally?

Paloma Michelle : A lot of things can be influential to me. I write about what I personally have been through but I also take note of what�s going on around me. Talking to friends about what they�re doing and going through can be very influential in my writing. The album that really shook me to my core and changed my mindset about music was �Mad Love� by Robi Draco Rosa. I still listen to it and get blown away with his creativeness. Nothing is better than that album. : What is your favorite movie and who is your favorite character of that movie and why?

Paloma Michelle : I LOVE movies. I literally have to watch a movie before I go to bed just to sleep in peace. I can�t really say what my one favorite movie is because I love so many. One of my favorite dramatic films is �Forest Gump.� That film just stays in you forever. I think I watched it 3 times in the theater. �Chicago� the musical blew me away! It�s everything that I love in a nutshell! Singing, dancing, fun, sexy movie! My favorite movie character would have to be �Lisa� in �My Cousin Vinny.� Marisa Tomei, is by far the funniest, most real character in my opinion. She was flawless in that movie. I just want to be her! : What else do you enjoy doing besides music?

Paloma Michelle : I�m a very simple girl. I enjoy cooking, working out... a lot, spending time with my dogs, friends and family. I prefer a simple life. The entertainment industry could be stressful and fast pace, so it�s a good balance to be somewhat boring in your personal life... haha. : Who would you like to work with?

Paloma Michelle : Three words... Robi Draco Rosa. The day I work with him will be the highlight of my career. : You have released two hot singles and videos "Fired Up" and "The Way That U Luv Me", which I am personally a fan of. When can we expect to see an album release?

Paloma Michelle : The album will be released in time for summer of this year. It's a Dance Pop album. It�s a fun, energetic and sexy! You want fun? Get the album! : What would you say are some of your greatest achievements?

Paloma Michelle : Career wise I�d say doing everything without a major record deal. It�s hard for an independent artist to have great videos and production when the millions aren�t thrown your way to support that. I�ve been incredibly blessed to have people believe in my project enough to go full force with me. That�s a huge achievement! I�ve been lucky enough to open up for major artist, be in a successful feature film that won awards here and abroad, perform in front of thousands of people and have songs that I�m very proud of. It�s been tough, but so great at the same time! : What Cell phone does Paloma Michelle have?

Paloma Mitchell : Android incredible 2... IPhone can�t get me. : What you like to add anything that we might have left out in the interview?

Paloma Michelle : Become a fan on the Paloma Michelle facebook fanpage and follow me on twitter! @PalomaOfficial. Also enjoy my music on Itunes... Let�s keep in touch and get to the top!

Official Website: Paloma Michelle - Official Website

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