Locos Por Juana New Video "Afro Sound" ft. Palenke Soultribe

Locos Por Juana, the band known as the "Latin-Reggae-Hip-Hop mash-up masters", presents the official release of new single and video "Afro Sound" featuring Palenke Soultribe. This song is part of their fifth album, Somos de la Calle (We are from the Streets), due out this summer.

"Afro Sound is a "champeta" rhythm, native to indigenous Afro-Colombians, that emerged in the city of Cartagena (Colombia) in the eighties. It is a blend of Colombian rhythms and melodies with an African flavor. Our version integrates Reggae / Ragga, Hip-Hop and Funk sounds into the song", affirmed vocalist Itag�� Correa.

"We used the title 'Afro Sound' because of its sound and also, as a tribute to the band 'Afro Sound' of Medell�n (Colombia), a group that Itag��, many Colombians, and I listened to when we were kids", said Mark Kondrat, Locos Por Juana's guitarist.

Locos Por Juana, nominated for a Grammy and Latin Grammy, has established itself as one of the most recognized bilingual bands due to their explosive mixture of rhythms from rock to Reggae, Funk, Hip-Hop, electronic and Cumbia. The band has captivated diverse audiences extending from coast to coast in the U.S. and across Europe. Their originality has paved the way in becoming a highly sought after act, regularly invited to participate in music festivals of all types of genres. This, combined with their powerful stage presence, has led to Locos Por Juana to acquire a solid and growing fan base, whom continues to get captivated by their dynamic state presence and unique sound.

Currently the band is comprised of Itag�� Correa(vocals), Mark Kondrat (guitar), and Javier Delgado (drums). Also accompanying the group is Lasim Richards (trombone) and Carlos Palmet (percussion). Palenke Soultribe is an electronic band that fuses Afro-Colombian sounds. The band is comprised of Andres "Popa" Erazo (keyboards / producer) and Juan Diego Borda (producer / bass) and is based out of Los Angeles.

To date, Locos Por Juana has released four studio albums since their formation in 2002 in Miami (Florida): Locos Por Juana (2002), M�sica Pa'l Pueblo (2005), La Verdad (2008) and Evoluci�n (2010). In 2008 they were nominated for a Grammy for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album and in 2005 for a Latin Grammy for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album.

Music Video by Locos Por Juana featuring Palenke Soultribe. Filmed, Directed and Edited by Edwin Manuel Escoboza. www.locosporjuana.com

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