New Urban Fashion by Social Enterprise Clothing Press Release - Los Angeles, CA. After being established as the most successful gang-intervention program in the nation, perhaps even in the world, HomeBoy Industries continues to do its amazing work in the community. Lord knows, where it is needed most. You see, the lives they impact are those least-likely-to-succeed in this society. The dregs that have tainted pasts and criminal backgrounds - that most of America choose to pass over as calculated losses and considered the collateral damage of a democracy. But when a living person determines to change his/her life for the better and is sincere about it, they deserve a SECOND CHANCE to be a functioning part of the system. The obvious benefit of gang members turning their lives around positively affects their families, neighborhoods and the city as a whole.

Social Enterprise Clothing brings a NEW WAY to increase revenues for the non-profit organization (HBI) to further its phenomenal cause. The contributions would be two-fold: first it commits to hiring graduates of the HBI program as current and future S.E.C. staff, second by donating 30% of all on-line clothing sales back to Homeboy Industries to increase its resources. The designs will be done by street-famed artists whose art-works serve as testimonies of the talent that exists in the barrio. They will be selected from an artist pool that is considered to be the cr�me-of-the-crop. Something that the company Social Enterprise Clothing is connected to by helping people find their calling and freeing them from the despairs of negativity through the art of urban fashion. What a relief, this success-bound clothing company isn't the brainstorm of a pretentious corporation trying to market an appealing urban-look. It was actually started by Joe Seager and his business partner Chris Hart. Mr. Seager has served as an (HBI) Board member and Treasurer, so he has undoubtedly been involved with the miraculous success rate of this institution, which has been a stable of hope in the area for the last 25 years.

"S.E.C. was founded as a for-profit company dedicated to Social Capitalism. Social Capitalists hold that socialism and capitalism are not ideals at odds with each other. We believe that Social Capitalism through its strong support network enhances capitalism by enlarging the pool of participants in the economy. Essentially, the more profits S.E.C. makes, the more money is given to our partners; the more we give away, the more Society benefits; the more Society benefits, the more Society buys from SEC, and the process begins again and a Movement is born. 'A rising tide lifts all boats.' �

Be one of the first to join the Movement by logging onto and joining their mailing list. Social Enterprise Clothing is committed to �Changing the World, one shirt at a time� �

If you would like to talk to someone at Social Enterprise Clothing: Joe Seager can be reached at joeseager(at)socialenterpriseclothing(dot)com and Chris Hart can be reached at chrishart(at)socialenterpriseclothing(dot)com.

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Clothing designs by: SPADE, DEFER, BIG SLEEPS, CALE, and more...

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