Fabian Debora's "La Mas Fina" Chalk Walk Art 2012

Portrait of Fabian Debora by Salvador Rojas (Pasadena, CA June 2012)

TITLE: Artist Fabian "Spade" Debora enters "La Mas Fina" in the 20th Annual Pasadena Chalk Festival

Fabian "Spade" Debora, our eastside Michelangelo from Boyle Heights competed at the 20th Annual Pasadena Chalk Festival last weekend. It was his second year participating in the event. The event supports The Light Bringer Project, a Pasadena-based nonprofit organization whose mission is �to build community through the power of the arts." His entry called "La Mas Fina" (The Finest One) was featured on the front page of last Monday's edition of the Pasadena Star-News.

The colorful chalk mural "La Mas Fina" is an inspiration from the renaissance period Madonna, transformed into a modern Aztec goddess. Interestingly, this Second Chance artist is from a part of the City where there has been a renaissance "awakening" of new ideas and visions. I live in the zip code next to Boyle Heights, close enough to see for myself the movement that has produced world-famous graffiti artists and brewed prolific hip-hop camps. Big Spade was a product of that environment, also; and sometimes was the one keeping it going. Here he was in Pasadena with over 600 other artists (from all walks of life) competing for top prizes in the largest art exhibit of its kind (over 100,000 visitors)! The Social Enterprise Clothing street team gave away 100 Join the Movement shirts to the first visitors.

We only spoke briefly, but it was good to see Fabian out there with his family- working on this chalk masterpiece and networking with his peers in the art world. That's what it's all about. Soon, people will realize that he's a world-class artist that happens to be Chicano (and proud of that fact). But in no way are his works to be minimized into the Chicano Art category. Spade's art is People Art. It's about life and the world we live in. Of course the artist's spiritual nature reflects in his art; that's an universal principle. So that other spiritually "aware" individuals could also connect with the deeper paradigms on different levels. One thing is for certain, however, the beauty of Mr. Debora's art could be appreciated by everyone. On what must have been a long weekend for the Debora Family, out there showing support, and for myself (and my son that accompanied me) it was a memorable Father's Day at the Pasadena Chalk Art Festival 2O12.

FabianDebora.com - Official Site

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