Sociedad = Suciedad

In November of 1996, a collective effort was undertaken by a group of independent recording engineers/producers, musicians and artist to record a sampling of Chicano music from the streets of 1990's Los Angeles. The result is a 13 song complilation album called Sociedad = Suciedad, which was released on October 21, 1997 through Big Daddy/BYO Records.

The CD includes songs by five popular Latino bands: Blues Experiment, Aztlan Underground, Ollin, Quinto Sol, and Ozomatli.The concept for the project evolved out of a couple of years of musical and political interaction between the bands themselves and a group of people who share similar beliefs about the power of music to spread knowledge, express new ideas, and contest the oppressive, intolerant and anti-humanistic elements of modern society. Utilizing a range of musical styles and influence from reggae to rap, traditional mexicano to urban soul, together the 13 songs on this CD tell a complex story of rage, hope, madness and healing. In the words of the Blues Experiment,"our goal is to ride out the wave of consciousness that is spreading around the world in order to combat the ignorance that plagues the Earth."

Review from Frontera Magazine
"Sociedad=Suciedad is one of the two most important collection of Chicano rock to come out in over a decade. Aztlan Underground, Ollin, Ozomatli, Blues Experiment, and Quinto Sol offer up punk, blues, rock, reggae and hip hop born in the aftermath of Propositions 187 and 209. More than a collection of fierce quality tunes. Sociedad=Suciedad comes off like a long-overdue musical conversation among members of a community on the verge of exploding. With the authority of true underground pioneers, Quinto Sol, Aztlan Underground, and Ollin elucidate the frustrations of urban exile in L.A. on cuts such as "Mi Vida Loca," "Lyrical Drive By," and Caracol," while Blues Experiment and Ozomatli provide optimistic, upbeat solutions with their message of peace and unity on songs such as "Time Stands Still" and "Como Vez." No collection of L.A. rock would be complete without this compilation, which ranks among the best albums of the '90s." - Yvette C. Doss

Title: Sociedad = Suciedad
  • Time Stands Still-The Blues Exp.
  • Freedom Fighter-Quinto Sol
  • La Bruja-Ollin
  • Obsolete Man-Aztlan Underground
  • Carnival-The Blues Exp.
  • Mi Vida Loca-Quinto Sol
  • Caracol-Ollin
  • Lyrical Driveby-Aztlan Underground
  • Como Vez-Ozomatli
  • Tocani Sol-Quinto Sol
  • Tomorrow Never Comes-The Blues Exp.
  • Lemon Pledge-Aztlan Underground
  • Morning Glory-Ollin

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