As Man Thinketh Today

"The Man of Desperation" is guaranteed to be the hot summertime single of Twenty-Ten. It's from the upcoming album, AS MAN THINKETH TODAY, which has the potential to change the mentality of people. This conceptual project is brought to you by Point Blank Entertainment, Freeway Enterprises, Misol Tribe and funded by Champ Funds. Not a moment too soon, yet right on time. It has arrived...

You have to listen to the entire song. Every part plays a significant role in the whole; from the introduction- to the sound byte at the end (which are interesting bits in themselves, by the way). But when sequenced with the verses and chorus, they complete the story, idea and expression. The impact this song will have on the listener will be one of positive motivation. Take it from the masters of hustling. This is a true cheddar-making track. Let's get this money! Hand-over-fist, it even has a Dead Presidents feel too, but, not like robbing a bank. They're talking about unlocking minds so we can truly see our full potential. How the sum of our ideas formulates who we are; and how our thoughts dictate where we focus our efforts. Truth is, knowing there is a balance: man makes the $. $ don't make the man. It's good to keep re-analyzing our goals so that we concentrate on the things most important to us. It's about being decisive and having the fortitude to accomplish our mission. Individual honesty with ourselves about what we really want leads to personal dedication. That's how dreams are realized...

The body of this single is an audio self-help music that could benefit the listener, beyond any geographic location. And inspire good energy through positive ideas in every neighborhood. The message has to reach your town. It is classic to have begun in these ghettos, perhaps, where it was needed most, streetwise and conscious. The sound is flared with that east side Chicanismo, and the city-life style is credible, Yah know. One thing is for sure: it's gonna rock your freakin' block when you get it! The theme is reinforced strong (like faith) that the time is now, it is our moment to shine and "We're going to the top. See?", (James Cagney) "Yeah. Me and the Boys are goin' straight to the top." We would like to thank all the players that came together and collaborated on the hits, understanding that it takes an A team to put out work like this. So we're gonna end this the way the hook sings, "As long as I got U by my side, I don't care what your people say. Listen..."

This is hip-hop. POINT BLANK.

And this is Brown Pride.

More to follow...

Skribe Wun de Los Angeles

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The Man of Desperation - As Man Thinketh Today (Right Click and Save As)

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