Krazy Race - The Remixes

We had put out 3 acapellas from the "Chronicles of a Krazy Race" album for a remix contest that ended on Cinco De Mayo of 2010.

We received over 60 submissions from producers from all over the U.S.A. and different parts of the world.

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    1. True Story REMIX by JSEA Rockah
    2. True Story REMIX by DJ Splinta
    3. True Story REMIX by DJ Mister A.G.
    4. True Story REMIX by DJ Preed One
    5. True Story REMIX by DJ Skinhed CED
    6. True Story REMIX by DJ Marquez
    7. I Won't Stop REMIX by Fat Albert
    8. I Won't Stop REMIX by Monowax
    9. I Won't Stop REMIX by Preed One
    10. I Won't Stop REMIX by Jae Griff
    11. I Won't Stop REMIX by Skinhed CED
    12. Why Me REMIX by Jae Griff
    13. Why Me REMIX by DJ Splinta
    14. Why Me REMIX by Preed One
    15 Why Me REMIX by Skinhed CED

    The Winners of the contest were:

    TNUT of The Pricks (True Story Remix)
    Mister A.G. (I Won't Stop Remix)
    ElEspecialista (Why Me Remix)

    The 3 winners remixes will be released on the new album called: THE RAPTURE

    Being that we had so much heat to choose from, we decided to put out another release for FREE! 9 producers made this new project called "The Remixes" release.

    Official release date is 10-01-10 You will be able to download it here for FREE as well as many other sites/blogs.

    There will only be 100 physical copies made of this release and will be given for free with any pre-order of THE RAPTURE.

    courtesy of REALIZM REKORDS

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