Nuai Tribe - Nuai Dias : In-greedy-ends

Nuai Tribe - Nuai Dias (pronounced new ideas) : In-greedy-ends

It was a Friday night, at a dark parking lot in Universal City. I was staking out the backdoor to the KPFK radio station because the front doors were locked. In fact, that backdoor was locked, too, but I knew the Divine Forces Radio show was broadcasting from inside- Live and in full effect. Eventually someone would have to walk through the door. Turned out, that's when I met the Nuai Tribe for the first time. They told me they were promoting a show on Huntington Drive in El Sereno, and someone opened the door to let them in. That's how I got in.

From the moment I met Moses and Aaron, they reminded me of the Levite brothers that led God's people to freedom. Chosen spokesmen called to speak against world powers and perform signs against a slave-system society; I saw them that night (on the radio) putting the unity in community, and radiating positive vibrations over thee air. Coincidentally, Darrio Deborah told me he was in the same circle as Nuai and their music was definitely another level of hip-hop. Over the years I've seen them rock shows from the Eastside Cafe to Goin Hard in the Paint and Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles. Their relentless efforts in the hood, and dedication to the proposition that all men are created equal- have put the Nuai (prounounced New-Eye) Tribe in numerous ceremonies from Los Angeles to San Jose, CA as champions of community events.

The elements that compose the music are a varied mix of Soul, Blues, Ol' school Hip-Hop, soothing Native sounds, and definitely a Rising Drum. Plus, Aaron and Moses have unique and distinguishable flowin' styles that complement one another. Moses' strong, solid voice roars like a young lion! And Aaron has a fluid flow that linquistically sounds like Speaking in Tongues. Its def-initely Liquid. The good combination of the two is evident in the chemistry, when they go back and forth. Their lyrics are full of knowledge and the delivery is decisive. Execution: raw.

The best thing about these cats is that they are so "down-to-Earth". Even with such blessed talents to channel great inspiration, they remain everyday people. By acknowledging these gifts to be from the Creator, they stick to their roots. That's Underground. I'm just saying... It is an honor, and a pleasure to introduce to you- NUAIDIAS by the Nuai Tribe!

Track Listing-
1. No Further Exit
2. Illegal Drums
3. Wiretap
4. Soon
5. Reproduce
6. Thats Dope
7. Derailed Tracks
9. A Losing Battle
10. Incarceration
11. Walls II
12. Busted

Peace be with U,
skribe1 de Los Angeles

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