3/5 HUMAN - Prelude to War (free download)

3/5 HUMAN (born Marco Polo Santiago) is an emcee and producer from Los Angeles, California. His name derives from America�s 3/5 Compromise of 1787 in which the Northern and Southern states formed an agreement to count each slave as 3/5 of a person, thereby granting the South additional seats in Congress, but preserving African-Americans� status as slaves. Today, after centuries of systematic oppression and exploitation, the majority of the world�s population continues to struggle for equality, opportunity, and life. This struggle is the inspiration for 3/5�s music.

3/5 HUMAN was drawn to music at an early age and has spent the majority of his life rapping and playing various instruments. In 2000, he began making beats and dedicated the next few years to developing his craft as a producer. After being in various bands, 3/5 HUMAN decided to pursue a career as a solo artist and, in 2006, self released a 12-inch single titled "Live from 1600". Since then, he has recorded with Gangsta Rap legend MC Eiht of Compton�s Most Wanted and 2Mex of the Visionaries/Look Daggers. He has also performed throughout the US, opening for B-Real of Cypress Hill, Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, The Psycho Realm, Ill Bill of La Coka Nostra, 2Mex, LMNO, Busdriver, Aceyalone of Freestyle Fellowship and many others.

While inspired by many styles of music, 3/5 HUMAN draws most of his influence from Metal and socially conscious Hip-Hop of the 1980�s and early 90�s. Building upon this influence, 3/5 has created a unique sound that is rooted in Hardcore Hip-Hop and infused with a Rock and Electronic edge. The result is a blend of politically charged lyrics, aggressive vocal delivery, and high-energy production. With the release of his debut EP, Prelude to War, 3/5 HUMAN delivers a six-track barrage of honest, unapologetic commentary on the current social and political conditions facing us today. Whether addressing youth violence in "Children of a Lesser God", police corruption in "Police=Enemy", or poverty and corporate supremacy in "WW4", 3/5 hopes to inspire self-empowerment and social action. Determined to share his message, 3/5 HUMAN is making Prelude to War available for free and encourages people to share and distribute it at will.

3/5 Human's "Prelude to War" can be downloaded for free at www.35human.com | Prelude To War by 3/5 HUMAN (BrownPride.com) - Right Click and Save Link As

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