A.O.D. - Hope for the Streets

HOPE FOR THE STREETS is a comforting sound; a consolation in these troubled times. It is an uncommonly-expressed idea. But one that is essential to positively affect our lives. It is most needed in times of despair; and is the best motivation to build a strong confidence for tomorrow. It's amazing how much difference a few words of encouragement can make when a situation seems helpless. In this case, the title track of a hot new album brought to you by Set Up Shop Records: Starring A.O.D. and featuring a cast of emcees. Beats produced by DJ Dub One of Misol Tribe fame. Executive Produced by Doll-E Girl. The players came together on this project and succeeded in making an album enriched with musical instruments and smooth, singing styles. With flavors reminiscent of the band War, it's a modernized perspective of life in the City... a good representation of creativity in barrio-life reporting.

A.O.D. (Angel of Death) killed it on this c.d. He murders fakeness, by bringing originality and honesty in his style. First case in point: the song LIFE OF A SINNER. The guitarist (Anthony Vallejo) sets the perfect ambient for A.O.D. to lyrically offer (what sounds like) a testimonial from a drug-dealing hustler. Torn by the realization that he's profiting from other people's ruin, he constantly re-evaluates his situation. He weighs his need for survival against his knowledge of good and bad; expressing an inner-conflict to do the right thing. Anyone who has experienced this will understand. See for yourself (the video is on YouTube).

Complex is one of those featured emcees that adds a lot to the final product. Both with lyrics and delivery, he definitely makes the SPEAKERS BANG! On the song ONE DAY, Complex teams up with A.O.D. to describe a promising future. When people see a brighter tomorrow, their whole mentality changes today. Perhaps, this clarity allows individuals to take the necessary steps to overcome problems or avoid them altogether. Everyone knows the gang subculture is engrained in these streets and ANOTHER DAY IN THE HEIGHTS with Midget Loco gives a valid portrayal of that. This song represents more than just the neighborhood of Boyle Heights. It depicts the entire area. Then, just when you thought it couldn't get much gangster- the whole mood of the album transforms into the most pimpish love song you will ever hear...

EVERY TIME is a romantic joint that entices every listener to dance. The tough guy images fades when a fine female specimen of a woman can break the strongest man down. C'mon on now. Everybody plays the fool, sometime. That's being real. There comes a time when a heavyhearted thug has to move on because "the game's no longer fun." Jun is the vocalist that sounds like some Keith Sweat on the track. Silky, smooth voice on baby-making music, man (this album is for mature audiences). I'm gonna MISS IT ALL is clever, because even if a relationship has to end- at least, let it end on good terms.

D Low from the Rebel Souls movement is featured on the Bottom Line and helps define a fresh start. Leave it to these guys to innovate a new sound that's catchy! The fact is: they are constantly reinventing themselves, and are comfortable enough in their craft to experiment. It's not surprising to see D Low featured on the track, since homeboy is constantly grinding. If not diligently working on his own project (coming soon), he's out there networking and always down for the collaborations.

Doll-E Girl is featured with A.O.D. on the song LET ME BREATH! They go back and forth, like a rhyming argument, offering both points-of-view... his and hers. The emotions run high and intense, when a suffocating jealousy is involved. Anyone who's been in love with a psycho could relate to that, the possessiveness, the stalking, the constant accusations of betrayal. It comes to a point when enough is enough, and you have to be set free. You tell the person, "You don't own my Loooove!" It's a raw and uncensored depiction of the all-too-common love/hate relationship (there's even allusions to sexually transmitted diseases resulting from promiscuous sex). The artists did a good job of capturing the feeling of frustration that leads up to one of those breakups.

A.L.T. (the Saint) is also featured with A.O.D. on a track called THIS FEELING. It's inspiring to see veteran rappers like ALT still coming out on underground hits. He must be a hip-hop lifer, because we heard him rapping with Kid Frost when we were still in high school. My point is: he's dedicated to the art form and he's never gonna stop rocking the mic. "Never gonna lose this feeling, here". When the song ends, DJ Dub Oner slows the beat down to a groove that takes it back to the days when the lost souls looped classic masterpieces.

TIME TO WAKE! (Featuring Penr Beatz) has that authentic MiSol sound. It's deeply reflective and thought provoking. The music is almost mystical and the words are penetrating even to the conscience. The truth lies in understanding that the system benefits from controlling people in a hypnotic-state. Just program their loyalties and capitalize on the creatures of habit. Just like the drug dealer in the LIFE OF A SINNER, but on a corporate, sometimes global company level. How's that for revolutionary thinking? A.O.D. closes the cd by urging everyone to stay "aware" and in control of their destiny, because ultimately, everybody reaps what they sow. Consequences from our actions will bring forth rewards or punishment. You decide, as you live this life between two paths: THE WRONG AND THE RIGHT.

That's what's good!
Skribe One de Los Angeles
BrownPride.com writer

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