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�The Big Lay-Off� hit hard in the underground this year, and it's still hot in the streets! Originality makes the album hard to categorize. The personal experiences of a group of people during these hard economic times are set to music and expressed on beats. Not just any group of people, the artists involved with the good things going on at Homeboy Industries. Real people that motivate positivity in their own communities, true go-getters that have found ways to cope with life's frustrations and help others do the same. Indeed, "Happy is the person aware of their spiritual needs..."

QDub, Rahten 5 Star, D-Low and Young 9 put it down on the title track �The Big Lay-Off�. Fact is: they've broken the chains of mental slavery by making it a point of not getting caught up into street politics. Instead they "hit the streets, hit the blocks, and them corners..." with a good word, and inspiration for people who could relate to dealing with the same problems. And now that they've started, they're not gonna stop pushing 'til they make it happen. Hustling and making it back again. This time the product is Good Music. Once the word gets out about the dope sounds, customers are gonna keep coming back for more! Big Will Rahten5star has his album fresh out, called �Mr. Sag N My Jeans�. It�s some of the most illest smooth rhymin�, pimp playeristic wordplays that just reaffirms Rahten has mastered the style. Wait 'till you see the A10 project with AaRon...

The homeboy D-Low got down on several tracks (which is no surprise, because I have certainly seen him shoot-the-gift). He has a sick shot, hair-pin-trigger-finger, and an expansive vocab that makes him a good ally inna-rhyme-battle. Also known as King Darius, he's always keepin� it real and has hot mixtapes out. So be on the lookout- the MiSol and nuAi Tribes don't stop! It�s All For You featuring D-Low & V. Rok spreadin� them good vibrations and letting the energy flow smoothly. You hear that song and say, "One Day we will make it to the Sunshine!"

Another thing I liked about this album is that the women added necessary elements to complete the musical picture. Much like in life itself, the female perspective is what makes the world go round. Aside from us all having been borne from a woman, a positive lady could be the most uplifting person to listen to. Sara Shine's sweet vocals remind us to ignore the haters, and focus on accomplishing our dreams. And when these tough times make us stronger, the last thing we'll do is get distracted or give up... "My heart knows better". The home girl Doll-E-Girl reassures her man with some comforting lyrics- that everything's gonna be alright. She's got his back, and a reliable woman is a blessing to her husband... a rest unto his soul. When a man loves a woman, there isn't anything he would not do to prove his love for her; even to the point of changing into a better person.

In Better Days Y.G., Baby Boy, Young 9, and Q Dubblez dedicate a message of hope to the countless thousands crowding jailhouses and prison mansions. It was unselfish of them to not become engulfed with overcoming their own problems, but considered also those that are enduring worse situations. It is clear to see that they yearn, not only for personal improvement, but for the healing of a people. It is this kind of thinking that changes paradigms. It is in this spirit that Robert Juarez gave his spoken-word tribute in loving memory of Smiley R.I.P. on the bonus track. This fire also moved Baby Jokes, Kred I.B., Matre and Seth to contribute their marvelous works to this project. Honestly, this is the very reason my kindred publishes these pieces and reviews albums that actually benefit the listener- instead of corrupting them. There aren't many outlets out there that care about that. As always, we thank you for taking the time to read this and pray that you got something good out it...

May the Lord be with you!
Eskribe Uno / Los Angeles

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