Travieso - Estilo Frio Mixtape (free download)

The long awaited return of one of the original members of the Latin Rap Group "Latin Circle" and Rap Duo Power House "Raza Deep", Travieso a.k.a. Eldorado Cain brings you "Estilo Frio Volume 1". Originating in the early 2000s Mexican Rap movement Travieso has established himself as one of the hardest Latin MC's in the game. He has been featured on over 70 compilations and full length albums combined. Over the past 13 years he has worked and performed alongside some of the most influential Mexican Rap and Mainstream Rap artists in the industry. "Estilo Frio Volume 1" is a testament to the diversity and originality that Travieso brings to the table. He has a one of a kind style and a powerful message full of aggressive lyrical content and is a true representation of the new school of Mexican Rap. The �Estilo Frio Volume One� Mix-tape features production from Ace 1 (producer of Gemini�s smash hit "Hypnotized") and features Javi Picazo, David Wade, and Broadkast.

Travieso aka Eldorado Cain - Estilo Frio Mixtape - right click and save link as to download

1.Race 2 Get Paid
2.Let U Have It
3.Sunday In Milan
4.Die Today
5.Last Supper
6.Block Don't Lie
7.Stop Watch
11.Like I Said
12.Chicano High Life
13.Purp N My Blunt
14.So Fly
15.Everything Feat. Ace 1
16.Get it Feat. Broadkast
17.Imagination Feat. Javi Picazo
18.Dear Winter
19.Motivated ( T-Pain Contest Verse Entry)

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