B-Child - The Bastard Chronicles Vol. 2

B-Child - The Bastard Chronicles Vol. 2

Today's political climate is turbulent, at best. As Nov. 6 slowly approaches, the hype is reaching a crescendo; and many people spend a disgusting amount of money on media campaigns to elect their candidates. Instead of raising funds for the poor and needy, they milk their rich friends for donations that pay for ads to win a popularity contest. Which end up lining the pockets of the already-wealthy TV tycoons. Yes, but interestingly, we all have an individual choice on where to focus our attentions. We could follow the debate of two men convincing the public "he's the better man", but we choose to be different and follow a positive energy in the form of hardcore hip-hop rap.

Which brings us to B-Child's "The Bastard Chronicles (Vol. II)"... presented by the mighty Misol Tribe. From the streets of South Central Los Angeles hails this sensay of the word-play, and as a dominating lyricist, he spits with the profoundness of a street poet. One of the best in fact, and he has obliged us to share with you his skillagery. Listen for yourself and hear him rip the mic reciting the most inspiring testimony of our times.

Take notice of clever sound bytes strategically placed in the audio tracks, and how they add to the fullness. Classic Guerrilla Warfare tactics are employed with advanced lyrical weaponry. An opponent stands no chance. In 2012, Misol puts out an alarm-ringer; and all soldiers follow suit in this music revolution. The campaign has begun...


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