Delinquent Habits - Merry Go Around

Whatever happened to Delinquent Habits? Old Schoolers that had hits back in the day. Remember them. Are they Rap Stars that fell off? What exactly happened to the group from the lower Eastside? Are the rumors true? Do not believe everything you've heard. The truth is Ives, Kimo, and O.G. Styles have been in a major dispute with their former record label. Now completely free of the corporate giants that have held them back, the Tres Delinquentes have released a new CD "Merry Go Round".

By the albums colorful jacket, which is filled with a wicked smile from the horse to go along with a bald clown with a huge smile, things are going to get a little freaky. Welcome to the Sick Syde, and strap your seatbelt on as we take a trip into a Sick Circus filled with Sick beats.

The tour begins at "Station Thirteen". As we head off into the circus, we get a treat to a wicked ass beat from the opening track. As the ride begins to move, we begin to bob our heads from the outset. Tracks "Feel Good" and "The Return of the Tres" is where the tour takes us next. It feels like we went into a time warp. These two tracks have an old school flavor to them that makes us remember how hip-hop was "back in the day." Adding to that feel is O.G. Styles relentless scratching. For those who thought the art of scratching is dead should peep this album out. O.G. Styles provides Old School heads a reason to smile. New Schoolers should take note on how scratching could enrich a song. "Feel Good" is a jam that has summer hit written all over it, and will probably be bumping on stereo systems at the bar-b-que.'s. This song truly makes you feel good.

After tracks that make you reminiscence about back in the day, the rest of the tracks are sick. The tour ride has just taken a wild turn that will amaze. Producing beats that we all haven't heard before, the tour ride has just picked up speed.

"Midnite Spin" featuring Jacken from the Psycho Realm will leave jaws hanging open searching for words to describe how the artist clicked up and produced this marvel. Note: this track may make you go out and put ink in you skin. " The Kind" provides us with a sick circus beat. Yes, a sick circus beat. The lyrics from these songs provide imagery taken straight out of a David Lynch Movie. "Merry Go Round" follows with more of the insane sick flow. Speaking of the flows, Ives sounds the best he has ever sounded before in his career. His rhymes and flow will separate himself from the rest of the MC's out in the market today. Kimo doesn't miss a step either as he matches Ives every step of the way.

The highlight of the album is the Sick Syde Drop. The beat is tight. I'm sure MC's are going to try and jack that beat. It's unlike anything you've heard. And the lyrics are tight as well. Ives and Kimo introduce us to the whole Sick Syde crew. This track truly stands out on it's own.

Tracks like "Boulevard Star" featuring a new female singer named Michelle and House of the Rising Drum are also worth listening to. "Boulevard Star" will probably having you singing along with the hook the very first time you hear it.

Delinquent Habits have made an album that stands out from what's currently in the market. This album is beautifully blended with old school flavor, now school flavor, and the NEXT school flavor. True Hip Hop heads should not be disappointed, fans of Delinquent Habits will not be disappointed, and people who like good music will not be disappointed.

Written by Richard Montes

For more information on Delinquent Habits and Station 13 Records visit their official website at

Merry Go Round

  • Station Thirteen
  • Feel Good
  • Return Of The Tres
  • Boulevard Star (Feat. Michelle)
  • Midnite Spin (Feat. Sick Jacken)
  • The Kind
  • Merry Go Round
  • Que Vuelva (Feat, Michelle)
  • Sick Syde Drop
  • Beijing
  • No Sense
  • Southern Accent
  • House Of The Rising Drum
  • Anytime All Time
  • Temptation (Feat. Michelle)

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