Mellow Man Ace - From Darkness Into The Light

I was still in High School when I first heard the updated version of Evil Ways ( by Santana) called Mentirosa. The song's original flavor was enhanced with a modern sound, creating a very danceable, head-bobbing classic in it's own right. Even the lyrics were on point, talking about evil women who tell lies with venemous tongues ( no disrespect to the real ladies, though). The reason I remember the song is because it introduced me to a whole new genre of music- Spanish Hip Hop; groundbreaking, baby, believe that.

Now, ten years later, Mellow Man Ace is at it again. He's rearranging the stage and fixing the scene with his new album, "Out of Darkness, Into Light". This time he's showing the World that his time away from the industry was well spent: focusing on the Truth and strengthening himself spiritually. His story reads like an ancient tale of redemption, where the rejuvenated hero emerges from the depths of the dungeon to slay the dragon with a verbal sword.

From the get-go, Mellow puts all hating doubters on the spot reminding everyone how jealousy could infect even smiling faces...Is It You? B-real from Cypress Hill then joins Mellow to address all those who would dare oppose them, warning of lyrical executions by their polished Guillotine Tactics.

The song Miracles (my personal favorite) shines with a brightness that could never be dimmmed, because Truth never spoils. Laced with Biblical symbolism, this track feeds the hip-hop masses with a message of hope deeply rooted in Righteousness: "Praise to the Lord of Hosts- that put's the devil in his place!" Everyone who acknowledges that Good conquers Evil must believe in miracles. Track no. 5 reminds me of the old Mellow, using his famoso Latino lingo para decir a los promotores que se crean mucho "...nadien viene al show a verte a ti- Promotor Super Estrella, no me ases reir."

The next song is a statement of the times, addressing many problems plaguing the World today. Sooner or later the increasing lawlessness will have to reach a point of climax- sending the world into a state of Future Shock. We can only find relief in knowing the peace the living God will bring. "A place where they will know pain no more". Mello does a good job of describing eternal bliss in Heaven; while Ten La Fe reminds us of the power of faith and it's safegaurd against fear (in Spanish).

Bring It Back is a businessman's anthem. It's about jumping into the music game and slangin' raw product; legal merchandise- but a hustle nonetheless. The song is filled with good advice for the young street entrepreneur.

Another highlight of the album is when Mellow Man Ace is joined by his brother Sen-Dog (of Cypress Hill). The Reyes Brothers put the smash down on Feel The Steel and Sly, Slick & Wicked.

So there you have it! The Return of Spanish Rap's Godfather brings with it a whole new element to hard-core hip hop... spiritual awareness. With a concept like that, how can he go wrong?

Written by Gato Suertudo

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