7 Notas 7 Colores - Hecho, Es Simple

The Latino Hip-Hop movement is in full effect. Becoming an international phenomenon as it makes it's way across Latin America and the rest of the world.

A Spanish hip-hop group called 7 Notas and 7 Colores have been making a name for themselves in the streets of Barcelona, Spain. They got their start in 1993 when Mucho Muchacho approached the producer Dive Dibosso.  Who was part of the group Los Poetas Violentos with a demo. Dibosso was impressed with the young emcee's skills. Soon he broke his ties with the Los Poetas Violentos to work exclusively with MC Muchacho.

Soon after Muchacho and Dibosso created their own label La Madres and released a series of 7 Notas 7 Colores singles and their full-length album "Hecho, Es Simple". In March 2000, the album was nominated for "Best Album" in the "New Artist" catergory by one of the most prestigious music awards in Spain. 7 Notas 7 Colores was the first hip-hop group ever to receive a nomination.

Juan Brujo of Kool Arrow Records a L.A. based company and home to hard-core rock group Brujeria. Was visiting Spain in 1998 for a outdoor music festival in the city of Granada. Well waiting in line for a beer it started raining. He ran for cover in the nearest building. He opened the door and to his amazement he saw a couple thousand people vibing to some dope hip-hop music. He was blown away by the ruthless attitude and style of MC Muchacho, and all of it was in Spanish. At first he thought it was an American group rapping in Spanish. It wasn't, it was 7 Notas 7 colores a local group rapping with the distinctive Spaniard dialect that set them apart from their Latino counterparts. Juan Brujo was determine to bring their music across the Altanic for us to enjoy.

Here we are closed to three years laters, from the time Juan visited Spain on Easter '98 to now Febuary 2001. The timing couldn't of been any better. With groups like Control Machete(Mexico) dropping their all Spanish classic "Mucho Barato" and Cypress Hill (L.A.) dropping their highly successfull Spanish album "Los Grandes Exitos En Espanol". Is the Latino hip-hop world ready for 7 Notas 7 Colores? You better believe it!

7 Notas 7 Colores album "Hecho, Es Simple" is on point. I haven't heardn't of a flow so unique. You can't compare Muchacho Spanish lyrics and flow to anybody out there. Not since Cypress Hill's first album when B-real can out with his patented nasal flow has an mc broke as much new ground. Once you get use to Muchacho vocabulary and his Spanish dialect this album grows on you and pretty soon your vibing hard off of it. The messages behind tracks such as "Mala genta con mas" and "Puercos" can applied to the streets in America as they do in Barcelona, Spain. Where ever there is a struggle of the proletariat (poorest class of working people) hip-hop will document it and report it, world wide!

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