The Beatnuts - Take It Or Squeeze It

From the New York borough of Queens comes Psycho Les and Junkyard JuJu of the hip-hop group The Beatnuts. Dropping their fifth album "Take It Or Squeeze It" on Loud Records.  The Beatnuts not only have made a name for themselves producing joints for the likes of Cypress Hill, Fat Joe, and Wu-Tang Clan�s Ghostface Killah amidst many others. But, are also known for their distintive Beatnuts sound that's been rocking clubs from NY to LA. Who can forget the joint "Off the Books" that launched Big Pun's(R.I.P.) career to double platinum status. Or their 1999 hit "Watch Out Now" that was getting radio play nation wide.

"Take It Or Squeeze" is their latest work using their signature Beatnut formula of sophisticated production with catchy hooks.  The masterpiece of the album is "No Escapin' This". The highly addictive single displays the maturity of being in the rap game for ten years. With JuJu's powerful lyrics to match the beat ,"Man it's crazy and there's no escape/ It's turned into a police state/The average cat don't even know his fate/Walking round like he hurting something/ And there's nothing that he got to say that's even worth discussing/Listen to me, it's better to be/ Lying dead with honor, soldier, than to never be free/ Young niggas out here losing they dads/ In the battle of the son of the fags/ Every other country burning the flag/ Don't let history repeat itself/ That's how the devil plan to keep his wealth and feed himself/".  All the "Bling Bling" rappers better make way for The Beatnuts. The Beatnuts are on a warpath armed with more aggressive flows and beats, and as the hook goes "No escaping this, no one's ready to deal with us".

The Beatnuts never forgot their Latino roots (descend from Dominican and Colombian backgrounds). With Latin-influenced tracks like �Prendelo� featuring the lyrical talent of  Tony Touch/Toca blessing the track with his flows. Also features a cleaned English version of "Se Acabo Remix", which replaced Magic Juan of Proyecto Uno with Method Man of Wu-Tang Clan. The album also introduces a Latina rapper by the name of Miss Loca on "Hood Thang", a classick perverted Beatnuts joint. Other guest appearances included Fatman Scoop "Let's Get Doe", Al Tariq "It's Da Nuts,"  and the legendary Greg Nice on "Yo Yo Yo".  Enhancing the overall texture of the album which kept the album from becoming too monotonous.

"Take It Or Squeeze" Is a well thought out album that's cohesive from beginning to end. If you're sleeping on The Beatnuts
it's time to wake up and recognized game from the New York power hitters.

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