La Paz - Earwigs

I can remember the first time we saw La Paz. It was at an Aztlan Underground benefit at U.C. Irvine. What stands out most vividly in my mind is the way Kool Aid, Dez and DJ Sloe Poke spoke out against commercial m.c.s using negative messages to make more money for their corporate patrons. "Keeping it real" seemed to be their destiny's mission, 'cause they put it down like true o.g. b-boys �breastfed by Roxanne� . I knew then, that La Paz was on to something.

It didn't surprise me to see them in the underground circuit winning M.C. freestyle battles and taking every opportunity to rock-a-show. Even on the underground radio show called Seditious Beats (KPFK 90.7fm Fridays at Midnight), they could be heard blessing the mic (live!) during a ceremony we call the Divine Circle of Prayer (freestyle at it�s best); representing strongly with o.g. homies in the game like Guru from Gangstar and Masada (aka Killa Priest) from the Wu-Tang Clan.

When I listened to their c.d. called "Earwigs", I found it was filled with consciousness and soaked with Truth. Shining like a couple of FLY M.C.s, the La Paz crew brings in an energy that reflects a deep appreciation and high respect for the art-form of Hip-Hop. Never diluting their lyrics with false egos, these humble soldiers let their words speak for themselves. As a social testimony of these rough times, they ask, �WHY do certain problems only plague the poor side of town?� For spiritual guidance, they remind us, �it�s all God willing, it�s all God willing.� As a political statement suggesting solution, they declare, �I�ll be the last one standing in the Mountains of southern Cali with ammunition in my hand, my man��fighting for THE PEACE!

Everything on this album is so cleverly worded, they seem to have mastered the metaphor and dominated the one-liner. As far as lyrical sword-fighting skillz, they appear to be at the third-degree black-belt level. So if your tired of the same ol� wack �fiesta� shit we hear on the radio, go listen to Earwigs. But let me warn you... you just might learn something.

Revolucion Por Siempre
Gato Suertudo

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