Kinto Sol - Del Norte Al Sur

The majority of the limelight on Latino artists has been focused on California and New York. Times are changing, with the Latino population exploding throughout America. We now have Latino groups blowing up their hometowns and expanding Latin Hip-Hop to the heartland of America. Los Marijuanos, DJ Payback, Midwest Ridaz, and Kinto Sol among others have been representing for the Brown in the Mid-West for a couple of years, and are finally receiving their shine.

After releasing their English self-titled debut Kinto Sol is back with an all-Spanish album titled "Del Norte Al Sur". With an English album already under their belt and a growing fan base. This album is sure to help them reach a wider and much ignored audience, the Spanish speaking community. Behind the solid production of DJ Payback Garcia, his beats with Latin rhythms are polished and authentic. While mainstream rap acts are trying to cash in on the Latino market by mimicking Latin sounds and lacing their lyrics with a couple of Spanish words for good measure. Kinto Sol from the intro to the last track kept their vocabulary and flow within their character, just by being themselves. The album starts off with a confrontation and ends with gunshots and the song �No Muerdas la Mano� kicks in with a hooky chorus that will have you singing along after one listen. One of the singles of the album �Como En Secundaria� arrange with mariachi music under a Latin-themed beat. The track �El Capitan� features rapper El Chivo with the catchy chorus sung by Anel. The second single, �Que Risa Me Da� is slow tempo joint that will have you head nodding to the beat. The song is about love that turned sour; I won�t give away too much. It�s a story that people that have experience �maldito amor" will be able to relate to.

DJ Payback produced every track on this 20-song/skit record; it makes for a complete record that�s cohesive. After listening to the album a few times, you begun to get a feel for Payback�s production style and scratching. Well other producers are always trying to copy other successful producers. It�s refreshing to hear new music that has a unique texture all of it�s own. I hope you feel the same way too.

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