Street Platoon - The Steel Storm

Sound the Trumpet... the Street Platoon is Ready for War!

This report just in:

Downtown Los Angeles has been taken back by the People and Sick Symphonies are rallying afflicted souls to freedom. Masses have gathered together (in what appears to be underground assemblies) to declare War on the number one enemy: Injustice. Armed with Truth, the Street Platoon has attacked the Establishment so ferociously, the "order of things" will never be the same ... leading us into the next Stage of Hip-hop.

When delivering Deadlines, ese Sick Jack "exhales words like ganja smoke" over a dopebeat of pure uncut adrenaline (straight from the Druglab). Announcing a world wide "call to arms", the underground generals bring the heat with a fire that's bound to burn false idols in the industry.

They've seized the neighborhoods. Varrio locos turned st. soldiers have liberated the city and put Pico-Union on the map. By Ill-rhymin', Crow and Synic rock fleets over Middle-Eastern beats. When joined with Mosberg (r.i.p.) they hit with the pin-point precision of a sniper... representing for all People of Color. In Sick Of It All, they condemn the very hypocricy of the system with realness, "the scrilla can't buy your respect or street appeal." Cold, hard truth- but Corporate America has to accept it.

Pink (also known in the underground as "Pastrami Strips") is a sleazy, XXX-rated audio porno. Using an orgy of words, the Street Platoon paints pictures of "good-for- nothing whores (literally)" engulfed by lustful desires. Unprotected sex with the Harlot is deadly because she's been all a'cross, "from the U.S. to the muthafucken U.N." Big props to Dee-Jay Tee-Are-Tee for the raunchiest beat ever made.

A well regulated militia has gathered together to revolt. Sick soldiers of fortune have united the barrios in an unprecedented effort to topple the Capitalist caste system. "This is the start of a street revolution, the deadly art of underground music. if you got the heart and are set to execute it, then be a part of the Symphonies movement.

Cynic and Cro Soto lead the troops in the Funeral March. The Platoon's tunes ignite el espiritu de los olvidados and pour courage into the hearts of the musical combatants. "There'll never be peace on these streets. We protect them, the government neglected them... we accepted them. reinvented them."

As the Street Platoon clashes with the enemy, sounds of war permeate the air like gunsmoke. Weeping and wailing of widows and orphans are accompanied by Police radios. This, in the Land of the Free... and the Home of the Brave.

If you haven't figured it out by now, this is an extremely hardcore hip-hop c.d. It is probably the most anticipated album of the year. Aptly entitled "The Steel Storm", rebel soundwaves blow through our ghettos like a tempest wind- rousing the under-priveleged to action. As far as the theme to this conceptual album: I think the homie Synic says it best in the beginning, "I grew up with psychos, winos, crazy muthafukas shootin' and runnin' from Five-0's... that's The Life, homes!"

Hasta La Victoria,
Gato Suertudo

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