The Aftermath of Ollin

Words by L.O.Y.A.L.

It's extremely rare when the ears of the underground Hip-Hop movement are blessed with a compilation that raises the standards and establishes itself as a classic. In this case we endure this experience in the form of 'The Ollin Project'. Reining from the roots of Aztl�n, 'The Ollin Project' is a perfect balance of street, political, social and conscious lyrics. Each of the artists contain various types of deliveries and bring forth their own distinct element of the underground Latino scene that now flourishes in the streets of Los Angeles. Although there is a wide range of diversity in the lyrical content and track subject matter, there is an overall common theme of street revolution, El Movimiento; the voicing of the Latino struggle.

The album covers many aspects of the Ollin; from verbal street politics to lyrical revolutions� the chronicles of the movement are brought to light on this album. The opening explosion on the album is courtesy of Street Platoon featuring Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm. "Deadlines" is a dominating street track laced with delicate brew of venom. Jack's 'Sniper' like sick delivery, Cynic's raspy 'Napalm' onslaught of lyrics and Crow's 'Teflon' piercing verbal weaponry each compliment each other very nicely on this track. Next is Voodoo Click's "Bean War" is one of the most powerful tracks on the album, lyrical and beat wise. The opening line "How can we begin to express what America means to a Chicano?" sets the tone for a revolutionary anthem. Once the adrenaline packed beat kicks in the Voodoo Click draws the line and declares war on the oppressive society of America. The past is never forgotten as represented by Krazy Race. His track "Dedicated" starts of reminiscing of Sleepy Lagoon, the spark of the Zoot Suit Riots, and from there he turns ill memories to verbal attacks on society then twists in his own visions of life under the New World Order. Any compilation of this nature would not be complete if it hasn't been touched by the sounds of Psycho Realm. Cormega once said "A man is either condemned or exalted by his words" and the Realm's music has been an inspiration, a security, and voice of the streets for many years� therefore these two men should face nothing but exaltation when it comes to any listener of street poetry. The dark and ruggedness of "Rules of Engagement" by Ill-Fame and the street tuned "Narcotics" by Tattoo Ink are other tracks that represent the grimey street element. Los Tumbados also makes a contribution to the album with their presence on "U$"� an insightful piece that acknowledges sometimes only us (Latinos) knows what's up with us. With eloquently formed and soulfully conscious lyrics laced over a melodious and ear caressing beat, L's are surely to be sparked, minds will begin to open and surely a wind of change will begin to blow. The grand finale of the album is the lyrical epic "Underground Resistance" by Rhyme Asylum. The Rhyme Asylum executes this resistance with a perfect infusion of verbal ingeniousness splashed over a rather simple yet very gutter track.

It had been years since a decent Latino Hip-Hop compilation had been released. In fact it has been so many years that the absence of an album of this capacity has evolved a high demand. As Hip-Hop grows, so do the minds of the artists who bring life to the culture and this album showcases the growth and maturing of both. The only problem now is, trying to create another compilation that is equal or superior to the standards 'The Ollin Project' has created.

  • Deadlines - Street Platoon feat.Jacken of Psycho Realm
  • Bean War - Voodoo Click
  • Rules of Engagement - ILL-FAME
  • Dedicated - Krazy Race
  • Lyrical Drive-by - Aztlan Underground
  • Sick Side Uniforms - The Psycho Realm
  • Purple Heart - O.T.W.
  • Step N2 The Sun - Blunts LLA
  • Violent By Nature - Rhyme Poetic Mafia
  • Narcotics - Conejo and Tattoo Ink
  • Street Fighter - Lethal Assassins Clique
  • U$ - Los Tumbados
  • Tha Strong Survive - Brown Town Looters
  • Lyrical Hijack - Crimewave,Voodoo Click,Los Tumbados,Lefty & Ese Happy
  • Underground Resistance - Rhyme Asylum

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