DJ Payback Garcia - Aztec Souls

Some of the most influential personalities of hip-hop have been the DJ's. Behind the Technics turntables and mixers the DJs are the heart and soul of the urban culture we call hip-hop. More often than not, DJ's are under appreciated for their contributions to the hip-hop art form. The multifaceted DJs are the ones pioneering new ways of creating and combining music. The DJ is the ambassador of the music to the audience. Where would hip-hop be without the DJ?

Latinos have a long line of Legendary DJ's from New York's Chevy Chase to Tony G and Julio G of KDAY Mixmasters fame. They helped advance the art of DJing and were an inspiration to future DJ's. The Mixmasters laid the foundation for future radio shows, where the DJ became the stars for their unique DJing styles. In New York City, DJ's like Kid Capri and Rock Steady Crew member Tony Touch started releasing their own underground mix-tapes gaining them international recognition for their talents. Helping pioneer the art of �remixing�, the art of creating a new song by mixing the �a capella� version of a song with a different instrumental.

In the Midwest, a local DJ going by the name of DJ Payback Garcia has developed a strong following by producing some of the best music coming out of the Midwest. As a member of AZP Family, a Latin Hip-Hop crew comprised of Kinto Sol, Los Marijuanos, Latin Assassin, and El Chivo. Payback Garcia helped mold the sound and developed the career of Kinto Sol. Producing their Spanish album "Del Norte Al Sur", one of the best Spanish Hip-Hop albums ever produced. The latest album to be release from the AZP Family is titled "Aztec Souls - The Best in Latin Hip Hop" mixed by DJ Payback Garcia himself.

Aztec Souls is a non-stop Latin Hip-Hop mega mix compilation featuring some of the best Latino artists. The compilation is a hybrid of the Mixmasters show with the style and thought of a mix-tape. The CD is great sampler of the different musically/rapping styles from a of diverse track listing. Not only featuring artists from his own AZP camp, but also including Los Angeles and San Diego based groups and rappers such as Crooked Stilo, Street Platoon, Tattoo Ink, Lawless, Delinquent Habits, Knightowl, Mr. Shadow, and Dyablo all dropping tracks for "Aztec Souls". All together there are 25 songs mixed together into one cohesive unit. DJ Payback includes sound bites from the various crews added with his scratching style creates a new audio experience. While, some of the tracks are stronger than others. What makes this mixed-CD a must-have is the style and energy DJ Payback puts into his mixes. With the soul of an Aztec and the spirit of an Eagle Warrior, Payback uses his turntables and cross-fader the way an artist uses a canvas and paintbrush. Creating an audio collage by blending different musical textures to form the CD mosaic titled �Aztec Souls�.

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