Ernie G from Proper Dos Presents - 2HIGH

A decade ago two homies from Santa Monica dropped an album titled �Mexican Power� (1992) under the group name of Proper Dos. The album took Latino Rap to the street level featuring underground hit songs like �Mexican Power� and �Firme Hina�. The album they created was not only a classic album it was the blueprint that other Chicano gangster albums were based on. With Frank V on vocals and Ernie G as the DJ/Producer their chemistry was untouchable and volatile.

Their follow up album �We�re At It Again� (1995) was also an instant Chicano Rap Classic. With hardcore tracks like �Geto Baseball� and �Who�s the hardest Latin Rap Artist�, Proper Dos was a major force to be reckoned with. After their early success Frank V and Ernie G went their separate ways.

Frank V continued releasing albums and Ernie G went on a temporary hiatus from the music industry. Ernie G continued working behind the scenes and built his own personal studio from the ground up. Producing a dark paranoid Wu-style beat for Conejo�s Fallen Angel album on the song �I�m a Close This Chapter�. Then creating an unforgettable beat behind the a burst of horns on Tattoo Ink�s song �Narcotics� featured on the Infamous Latino Hip-Hop Compilation Classic The Ollin Project! Ernie G made his legendary name known again to a new wave of Latin Hip-Hop fanatics and music industry insiders.

Now, Ernie G is back with his own record company High Caliber Records. The first artist from High Caliber Records is a rapper that goes by the name 2HIGH. Their debut album is another street classic with Ernie G behind the boards and beats. Ernie does a masterful job at producing the right beats for 2HIGH�s vocal flow. 2HIGH�s rapping on the album is tight, but not spectacular. What he lacks in deliver skill (the same flow) he makes up for in lyric content. While most Chicano rappers stick to barrio clich�s, 2HIGH flexes real clever/intelligent street lyrics throughout the album. The opening song �Wild Wild West� is a hyped-up-banging track that is perfect for the boulevard.

The guest appearances were kept to a minimum and 2HIGH delivers on a full-length solo album, a rarity these days. The guest features includes rappers Filth and CM1 on the track �How we do it�, a brilliantly produced Ernie G track. Their rhymes complement the eerie keyboard line that collides in unison with the deep bass line and creates the climax of the album.

Another highlight on the album is track 16 �If Tommorow Comez�, a smooth track about the grim reaper taking our last breathes. 2High delivers a deep spiritual song reflecting on our mortality and life after death.

The wide range of polished music styles displayed by Ernie G mixed with 2HIGHs harsh and compelling lyrics enhance the texture of the album and kept the 2HIGH�s self-titled album from falling into a strictly regional niche. Ernie G is a perfectionist and he�s raised the bar of production quality among his peers again, thus, the company name of High Caliber Records. The name has double meaning (the degree of worth or the diameter of the bore of a firearm), take your pick, I can guarantee you Ernie G and 2HIGH are of the highest caliber in the Chicano Hip-Hop game.

  • intro...
  • wild wild west
  • desperado rider
  • mister murder
  • heaven is going through hell (h.i.g.h.)
  • new generation
  • thuggin
  • can't get away
  • faith in me
  • how many times
  • how we do it feat. fith, cm1
  • 21 gun salute
  • pop the coochie
  • thuggin' [remix]
  • warzone
  • if tommorow comez
  • up in the club feat. cm1
  • my true and only b***h
  • watcha gonna do

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