Capone - Chicano World Pt. 2

Capone's forth solo album Chicano World PT 2 is like low riding through the streets of present-day Chicano Rap with a forty in hand. CW2 brings together different musical producers to deliver a well-rounded Chicano Rap album with Capone flexing different rap styles. From flipping drunken freestyles in "Whenever (Last Men Standing)" to rapping about the turmoil's of living the Barrio lifestyle, Capone spits from the heart. Capone's rapping on Chicano World is tighter than ever. Capone even rhymes in all Spanish on "Trafficante No Llores", a narco-corrido inspired song about the calles of Tijuana and Cuidad Juarez and their Mexican Drug Cartels. This song is for all the compas that are down with los tres animales y los cuerno de chivos type rolas. The blending of Spanish/English lyrics distinguishes Capone's rhymes on CW2 from his earlier body of work. Capone stands out from a lot of his Chicano Rap peers by keeping his music "Raza Related." With relevant songs that mirrors the current state of Barrio Life through hip-hop, Chicano Style of course!

  • Greenlight Status
  • Only When I'm Drunk
  • Mexican Guns
  • Mija Wants to be a Gangster
  • Over My Shoulder
  • For Reals
  • Caps Is the Name
  • Treat a Man Like a B*cth
  • Set It Off
  • Trafficante No Llores
  • Whenever (Last Men Standing)
  • Everywhere We Go
  • Time To Hit The Streets
  • Angels Watching (Alternative Mix)
  • Radio Edit: Only When I'm Drunk
  • Radio Edit: Mija Wants to be a Drunk
  • Radio Edit: Caps is the Name

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