The Return of the Street Prophets: Psycho Realm War Story Book 2

The metallic-like steel sound. The rapid cadence shifts. The raw raspy delivery mixed with the ultra smooth, yet chaotic flow. Wars, Terror, Revolution are part of this Realm. A Realm filled with Street Prophets, classified by top Governmental Officials as Psychos, partaking in War Stories, who further the movement by spittin' rhymes in encoded, sick messages.

Psycho Realm, from the sick streets of Pico Union, have become known as the Los Angeles Underground Kings of Hip Hop. Listen to any of their three CD's: tales of street terrorism, explosive lyrics, and gun fire! It would be Gun Fire that would temporarily silence one of the seers; Duke suffered a gun shot wound to the neck, leaving him paralyzed. The War Stories continue.

Psycho Realm, consisting of brothers Duke and Jacken, released the much anticipated "War Story Book 2" to the masses through Sick Symphonies Records. This is easily one of the best new disks this year of any genre. War Story Book 2 has substance, intelligent lyrics, creative beats that you won't hear elsewhere, and the ability to be replayed. The disk is broken up into two sections "The War Period" and "The Reconstruction Era".

All tracks from "The War Period" are instant classicks. Themes of unity and revolution run rampant through this period, and are offset with terroristic intentions courtesy of the Beast (Government and Police Officials). The Opening track "Street Terrorist" is a hard banging joint where Duke prophesizes "PLANNED MISSIONS ARE GUARANTEED, IF DONE IN THE STYLE OF THE KAMIKAZI". Pure vintage Psycho Realm. Duke and Jacken eerily paint a picture of faceless Suicide Bombers and urban warfare on the streets of Los Angeles, while the television media spreads lies to the people. Next up in "The Enemy Strikes Back", Jacken spits "STEALTH BIRDS FLYING ABOVE LOOKING FOR US, CARRYING SCUDS WHILE THE FUZZ ARE PATROLLING THE STREET FOR THUGS". Considering these lyrics were written back in 1998, before 9/11, Iraq and the Patriot Act, one has to wonder when the Bush Regime will decide to further unleash more weapons of mass destruction on US. Bobo of Cypress Hill makes a guest appearance on this track, providing the hypnotic banging bongos. On track 3, "Wasted" is one of the top Psycho Realm songs of all time. Enough Said. With the help of fellow sickside soldiers from the Street Platoon, "The Killing Fields" is next. Amazingly with the enemy looking on, Crow from Street Platoon steals the heat, coming into his own. Next in the line of fire are "Art of Execution" and "Palace of Exile" ; tracks that will have every trying to intimidate the Realm Flow.

"First Day of Freedom" is a tale about the end of the war years. It details the difficult transition that all war torn countries go through after a massive conflict. Jacken states the reason for the warfare was to "PUT OUR LIVES AT STAKE TO BREAK SICK WEATHER MAKING LIVES BETTER" . Transitioning to the Reconstruction Era, Jacken lets us know that it won't be an easy process "WE ROAM IN RUINS AND BROKEN DOWN HOMES, WAR REPERCUSSIONS FREEDOM FOR NOW THE NEXT STEP'S RECONSTRUCTION".

On the second part, "The Reconstruction Era", we begin to see the effects taking their toll on Sick Jacken. Jacken lets us in on his pain and his struggles in dealing with the tragedy that has befallen the Psycho Realm (Duke only appears on a few tracks in The Reconstruction Era). On the track "Poisoned Rituals" The Realm takes you on a spiritual journey, connecting with those around them and with themselves. "Unknown Soldier" informs us about the catastrophic psychological effects all Warriors go through after they have been trained to kill at will. At the end of "Unknown Soldier" audio from the MTV News Report about Duke is played with a very soulful and melodic beat.

A change of musical pace occurs with the highly personal "Soul Sacrifice" and "Dysfunctional". In "Dysfunctional" we realize the results caused by being suppressed, living in a war zone and dealing with tragedy after tragedy. Jacken excellently explains "MY BELLY TELLING EVERYONE THAT MY BRAIN IS DISTURBED". "Good Times" and "Lifestyle" further delve into Jacken's dysfunction.

War Story Book 2 ends on a high note featuring Cynic and Crow of Street Platoon on tracks "Concrete Jungles" and "Gun Control". The build up is already beginning for the next Street Platoon album especially after the performances they delivered on this disk. Overall, The Psycho Realm War Story Book 2 is the Album of the year and the Psycho Realm Trilogy can only be compared with the likes of the Rage Against the Machine Trilogy.

Is this truly the end as it states on the inside sleeve, or is just beginning as it suggests at the end of the disk? Either way, it is Earthquake Weather, Forever.

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written by
Richard Montes / Safada Y Sano Productions


1. Street Terrorism
2. The Enemy Strikes Back
3. Wasted
4. The Killing Fields
5. Art of Execution
6. Palace of Exile

7. First Day of Freedom
8. Poison Rituals
9. Unknown Soldiers
10. Soul Sacrifice
11. Dysfunctional
12. Good Times
13. Lifestyle
14. Concrete Jungles
15. Gun Control

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