Monte Carlo 76 - The Monte Carlo Fantasy

Imagine if you could translate your unspectacular hometown into a soundtrack that portrays the hopes and fantasies of those living there. This is exactly what dgomez and Jeremy Keller from the Los Angeles band Slowrider have done with their new project, Monte Carlo 76. Drawing inspiration from dgomez's hometown of Gardena, CA--an inconspicuous stop along four Los Angeles freeways�the album Monte Carlo Fantasy is a mellow and ambient tribute to the out breaking dreams of an overlooked sub-metropolis.

The project�s title alludes to the classic 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, a car that could accommodate and represent any lifestyle its owner desired. It could have been a hot rod, low rider, family car, pimp car, ranfla, or even somebody's home. The rich and multi-layered songs reminisce about hanging out in Rowley Park, attending annual Gardena events, or people that dgomez knew. Yet underneath the nostalgic simplicity the songs reveal the Chicano community's struggle to escape the limits of marginalization and obscurity placed upon them.

An authentic infusion of seventies and eighties music, The Monte Carlo Fantasy also melds today�s most innovative musical approaches into a retro-futurist brew of what was and what will be. Influenced by artists such as Curtis Mayfield, The Beach Boys, Ennio Morricone, War, Air, Prefuse 73, and El Chicano, dgomez and Keller incorporated these diverse elements into a solid sound by enlisting the help of several notable L.A. musicians including Martha Gonzalez from Quetzal; John Wahl (Claw Hammer, The Amadans); and former Slowrider member Rafa Maestro Cardenas.

The Monte Carlo Fantasy lets a lazy afternoon in Gardena come to life, promising images of a fantasy that's waiting to be attained just a few miles ahead.

  • God Pulled The Plug On Us
  • Rowley Park
  • The Monte Carlo Fantasy (feat. Rafael Maestro Cardenas)
  • Joker (feat. Martha Gonzalez of Quetzal)
  • Strawberry Park Days, La Fiesta
  • The Unofficial Theme to Always Running (feat. Jon Wahl)
  • So Close To Gardena, So Far From God
  • Mi Fantasia (feat. Olmeca)

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