Global City - Four Corners To The Block

From the working-poor-2nd-class citizen terrain of the streets of Los Angeles: from the faces you see from sun-up to sun-down hustling to make ends meet, of those people from the minimal wage international immigrant economy; from those easily blamed for society�s problems, from the jam-packed apartments, the hot street blocks, to the dusty smog filled Cali weather, the long boulevards, the night life club hopping, from those in between these bright lights-big city metropolitan blocks: Global City has emerged.

Jesus Flores (Oppose the Silence), Adrian Guzman (Transcend), Alfredo Izaguiree (Brainwave) and Roberto Davila (DJ Resy) all bring their personal perspectives in musical taste and life in the city, decorated by their diverse experiences through hip hop culture since the late 70�s through the Reagan 80�s and the golden age of the 90�s. They fused an aura that�s represents the funky town bumps of old and new school Los Angeles, mixed with that keen street narrative perspective of the hood, the powers that be, and the have and have-nots; while bridging their Latino backyard Bugaloo sounds with their heavy sense of bass bumps as they interweave stories of the modern day 1st generation, Urban Latino from the streets of Los Angeles.

Their songwriting and rhythms explore their backgrounds as children of immigrants: from Latin America fleeing poverty or political instability; the navigation of inner street life, their personal psychological exploration in this unstable terrain, and sarcastic humor of inner city life.

Global City is an amalgamation of what makes L.A. a global flow of tastes, ideas, style, music, third world hustle, and that keen non-black-and-white complicated street perspective.

  • Raised Like That
  • Heart Beat
  • It's Going Down (Produced by Sick Jacken)
  • Ground Rules
  • S%$@ Get Ugly Feat. Street Platoon, Pantera & Young Voz
  • Laggin' (skit)
  • Puro Pinche Par
  • Lengualstics
  • Crunch Time
  • Let it Take You

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