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The current state of world affairs appears to be: Murder for dollars is considered normal where deception is widespread. Wicked rulers on earth have locked the nations in a gruesome killing machine. Driven by the greed of global corporations, the gears are steadily oiled with the blood, sweat and tears of innocent people. The cowards that instigate today's conflicts declare war from the safety of their plush executive office suites. The only harm they encounter is to their egos, when somebody hurts their feelings. Meanwhile, the death toll passes a thousand.

The powerful businessmen/ politicians (even actors) responsible have only been able to deceive the populace with the help of their partners- the media networks. Which is another clique of filthy rich degenerates that control the T.V. channels, radio stations, and newspaper presses. Lucky for us, not everyone worships materialism. Especially those that understand we were all redeemed with a holy price. Blessed are those that realize the source of inspiration and are motivated by the love of the art form. Good case in point- el Krazy Race. Dedicated to bringing the truth with raw imagery, MCR Productions delivers the perfect soundtrack for the advanced lyrical capabilities employed. Fact and fiction is distinguished, one from the other; and the author asks you to make your own determination about the current president's role in protecting the freedom (rights) of his fellow Americans. Maybe when the death toll triples (the approximate number killed at the World Trade Center in New York), then congress will hold him accountable and find him guilty of terrorism. Not to mention 30,000 Iraqi souls (approximate number killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom). Nationalism is something else, but talk about an act of patriotism. Here is your chance to get the Bill of Rights recorded in digital audio visualization. Obtain a copy of this c.d. (every American should have one). Instead of receiving information from Washington D.C. about how we are, or what state we are in; just listen for your self to what the ghettos are saying. The streets have a voice. Yes, the streets have a voice. "Of the people, for the people, by the people"

One love, People

I fall down 7 times, I get up 8 times!

  • New World Games
  • Blood, Sweat & Tears
  • Dedicated
  • Devious Interlude
  • City of Angels
  • Hole In His Soul
  • Hydroponic Dreams feat. THC & Big Rich
  • Operation Lockdown
  • KR Interlude
  • Illuminati
  • Fact or Fiction feat. Eric C.
  • Soul Asylum II
  • Krazy Race Chant (live)
  • Toxic feat. Savage Joe
  • Bill of Rights Interlude (pre-patriot act)

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