Wicked Minds - The Unforgiven

The Wicked Minds camp is back on the Latin Rap scene representing for the Golden State. The first track on the "Unforgiven" album is a street ode to the California Lifestyle titled "California". The song features Chicano Rap legends Frank V of Proper Dos and ODM of Lighter Shade of Brown, "California" is a banging low riding track that has been getting the most radio play so far from the "Unforgiven" album. On the more serious side of the album, the song "Da Good Die Young" featuring Wreck, Romero of Clicka 1, and Nino Brown spit deep rhymes about the spiritual aspect of street life. There's a few more songs like "Da Good Die Young" that adds depth and character to help balance out the album from all the party jams.

What you'll like most about this album is the variety of beats and appearances of different artists. For example on the killer track "Murder Musica," the beat has more of a hip-hop feel to it where Wreck, Chino, Lil Rob and Clicka 1 murdered the track with heat rocks for lyrics. For those Wicked Minds fans that like their West Coast style, Wicked Minds bought back "Let it Bounce" that was featured on the first Wicked Minds' album "Misundastood." This time the song features the new crew consisting of Wreck, Chino, and Baby Wicked. With all the Latino rap star power from Lil Rob to Slow Pain featured on this album, you can't go wrong picking up this album.


1. WICKEDMINDS INTRO (Wreck, Chino) Featuring the Voices of (Kid Frost, Lil Rob, Slow Pain, ALT, and Da Funkmeista) Producer: Wreck
2. CALIFORNIA (Wreck) Feat. (ODM, Frank V, Eriq, and Woody Da Funkmeista on the Talkbox) Producer: Eriq and Rome Montague
3. CHAINSAW (Wreck, Chino, Minor) Producer: Fort Knocks Productions
4. DA GOOD DIE YOUNG (Wreck) Featuring: Romero (Clicka 1), and Nino Brown Producer: Kraze
5. THE UNFORGIVEN (Chino, Wreck, Big Dave) Producer: Wreck
6. FUNKAHOLIC (Wreck) Featuring: Woody Da Funkmeista and Mr Shadow Producer: Insane Mexican
7. THE GREATEST PLEASURE AND GREATEST PAIN (Wreck) Featuring: Cecy B Producer: Bigg Bandit
8. HATE AND BETRAIL (Wreck, Big Dave) Producer: Rawsteele
9. HOODRATS NEED LOVIN TOO (Chino, Wreck, Minor) Featuring: Cecy B Producer: Bigg Bandit
10.HOW MANY HOES YOU KNOW (Wreck, Chino, Baby Wicked) Featuring: Lil Blacky, Slow Pain and Lil Demon Producer: Bigg Bandit
11. I DON'T WANNA BE HERE NO MORE (Wreck, Chino) Featuring: Cecy B Producer: Insane Mexican
12. KEEP IT GANGSTER (Chino, Minor, Wreck, Baby Jokes) Producer: Rocky Padilla
13. LET IT BOUNCE (Chino, Travieso, Baby Wicked, Wreck) Featuring: Woody Da Funkmeista on Talkbox and Scratching by: DJ CARLOS (AKA) TDK Producer: Rawsteele
14. MURDER MUSICA (Wreck, Chino) Featuring: Clika 1 (Romero, Ese Brown, Bad Boy), Lil Rob Producer: DJ Wreck
15. NIGHTS LIKE THIS (Wreck, Big Dave) Producer: Wreck
16. PAYBACK (Chino, Minor) Producer: Wreck
17. THE UNFORGIVEN 2 (Chino, Wreck) Producer: Wreck
18. THE EIGHTEENTH ANGEL (Wreck) Producer: Fort Knocks Productions


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