Los Nativos - Red Star Fist

"If Latin American revolutionaries Emiliano Zapata and Ernesto "Che" Guevara were alive today, Los Nativos would probably be their rap group of choice." - The Source (Dec. 2003)

After their successful 2003 debut of Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Deadalbum, released through Rhyme Sayers Entertainment. Minnesota-based Los Nativos are back with an EP titled Red Star Fist. Featuring eight new hard hitting tracks for the revolutionary minded. Emcee Felipe Cuauhtli (The Eagle) and Emcee/Producer Chilam Balam (The Jaguar), stalked their prey like Indigenous warriors with mics in their brown fist. With lyrics and beats that rattle the ear drums like battle cries for their follow Aztec Warriors of Aztlan. Red Star Fist deals with the struggles of everyday Xicano life, Brown Pride estilo! With diverse tracks like "Black Flag Red Star", "Ocecuauhtli", and ""Slow and Low", Red Star Fist should be bumping out every rear speaker from Military Drive in San Anto to calle Bristol in Santana. Red Star Fist is a well-balanced EP focused on Indigenous issues while bringing their message to the barrio streets using their own native hip-hop sound.

Zapata Vive! La Lucha Sigue!

  • Black Flag Red Star
  • Science Mayan
  • What's the Crew's Name
  • Slow and Low
  • Ocecuauhtli
  • No Puedo Explicar
  • Like The Remix
  • An Eagle Named Chango

  • Ometeoht
  • Like the Indigenous
  • Urthawut?
  • All My Native Vatos
  • Sobrenatural
  • Tierra feat. Mario Morales
  • Dia de los Muertos
  • Con Tivos
  • Sin Control
  • Sonido Indigena
  • Antigua (Mexica Danza)
  • Elements (Dubplate Lookout)
  • When Jaguars Cry
  • Snake in the Mouth Feat. I Self Devine and Gene Poole
  • It Could Get Ugly
  • Atltlachinolli

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