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Raw beats, raw lyrics, and raw talent! That is the best way to describe Houston rapping representative Raw-B�s highly anticipated third album Cuidado, which includes a remix of the title track that has been burning up the streets from Texas to California. Raw-B spits some fire on the whole album and receives some major back up from Dopehouse Records rap stars Juan Gotti and Rasheed as well as stand-out contributions from up and coming producer and rapper, Ese G. Raw-B made waves with his underground debut album Message in a Bottle and followed it up with the successful second album, the limited street release, Mezcaholico, which had the original �Cuidado� cut on it as well as the street anthem �Recio.� �Cuidado� was made wildly popular last year when released on Baby Bash�s Ultimate Cartel album and is now on his Menage a Trois album and �Recio� was featured screwed and chopped on Juan Gotti�s El Mas Locote Mix Vol. 1.

On the new album, fans can find 10 cuts off of Mezcaholico and 10 brand new tracks to complete Cuidado. According to T-Wrex, Raw-B�s brother and part of the Mezcaholics production team (composed of Ese G, Raw-B, and T-Wrex) �We took what we felt were the 10 hottest tracks off of Mezcaholico (since Mezcaholico was a limited street release), re-tracked them, re-mixed them, and re-mastered them. Then we took 10 of the hottest songs that we had been working on. So the CD Cuidado has 20 tracks!!! So that took us quite some time to finish.�

The album pops off with the remix to the well received song �Cuidado� featuring searing verses from Juan Gotti and Rasheed while the dope production was held down by T-Wrex and Ese G. Another hot track is the Latin infused club banger �Wet Flava� produced by T-Wrex and Ese G. Again we find Raw-B, Juan Gotti and Rasheed exchanging verses in English and Spanish on this track featuring the sultry voice of Layla on the chorus.

Raw-B and the Mezcaholics production crew display quite a bit of versatility on this album. From more up tempo, techno influenced beats on �Make It Hot,� �Get on the Floor� featuring Rasheed and Ese G and �3 Deadly Flows� featuring Rasheed and a rapid-fire flow from Raw-B to humorous tracks �Fucked Up� where Raw-B spits �like A-Train you can�t stop me/even these laws can�t pop me/still get pussy if I was rolling in a jalopy� and �Drunk at the Club� featuring Rasheed and Ese G. Also on this album are darker themed tracks such as �Judas� featuring Rasheed, �Rain,� �Dope Fiend,� �Who Be Da Man� featuring Ese G and the T-Wrex produced �Mezcaholic.�

The album is rounded off with �Do That Shit,� �Purple Haze,� and ode to the long standing Texas tradition of sipping syrup, �Niggaz & Eses� featuring Rasheed and Ese G, �Recio,� the barrio anthem of 2004, where Raw-B spits hard lyrics ��Mexicanos contra morenos/peliamos como perros apenas ganando dinero/ en este juego de peso, mi vida no tiene precio,� �M.E.Z.C.A.L.� where we find Raw-B and Ese G exchanging extremely lyrical verses, �Hoes into Ladies,� �Act a Fool,� and the bonus track �Desperado.�

Overall, Cuidado is a very solid and consistent album that benefits from great in-house production from the Mezcaholics crew. Raw-B and Ese G have great chemistry on the microphone and behind the boards along with T-Wrex and it shows throughout the album. Fans also get a great treat with guest appearances from Rasheed and Juan Gotti throughout the album. True Hip-Hop fans will appreciate the great flow and great lyricism from Raw-B and the head nodding banging beats from the Mezcaholics crew.

Written by:Gerardo Garcia III

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