Los Tumbados - Tekolotes

Los Tumbados have finally released their first commercial album through Aries/EMI Latin. As opposed to their previous underground releases, their new album "Tekolotes" is available at all major chain stores throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The new album has reached international acceptance in European countries such as Germany and Slovakia�who could ever imagine Latin Hip-hop is well followed there? The group�s sound has caught the attention of international record labels and negotiations are underway to bring the "Tumbado Style" to the worldwide market.

It has been stated in the past, that this group is brining something new to the repetitive Latin hip-hop scene�just watch and listen to the music video �Pilotos del Humo� on BrownPride.com music video section. The group�s novelty has allowed them sponsorship by Joker Brand and Firme Clothing, amongst others. It seems that the only thing lacking is the radio play support from Latin hip-hop shows like Pocos Pero Locos or even Latin Hip-Hop/Reggaeton stations like Los Angeles-based Latino 96.3.

The album contains a nice blend of diversity and culture. There are bilingual tracks like �No Place Like Home� and all Spanish tracks like �Rumor en el Aire�, which intelligently mix the Chicano with the Mexicano. There are tracks recorded with the live band, such as �Trip of our Own� whose live drumming, keyboards, and guitar, give the album a very unique twist. The overall feel of the album is dark and very underground oriented.

The special featured rappers contribute to make the album stronger. You will find songs with Kemo the Blaxican (formerly of Delinquent Habits), Conejo, The Bagavundoz and a few others. The chemistry between the featured artist and the group is more than evident on the tracks. Phase Loko and Conejo bring it tight on �Malos Pasos�, and nobody could possibly ignore the heat brought in Spanish on the track featuring The Bagavundoz.

The beats and the lyrics are on point. Don�t let the artwork fool you; this title is one of the best Chicano Rap albums to drop in a long time. A nice feature of the album is the inclusion of the music video (viewable only through a computer). Even though it is difficult to get it to play, the bonus video and the music are worth the price paid.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Pilotos del Humo
3. Defective Product
4. Rumor en el Aire
5. No Place Like Home
6. 13 O�Clock
7. Malos Pasos
8. Tekolokiando
9. Trip of Our Own
10. Metal
11. Animalitos
12. Diablo
13. La Fogata

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