DJ Muggs vs Sick Jacken feat Cynic � Legend of the Mask & the Assassin

DJ Muggs vs Sick Jacken feat Cynic � Legend of the Mask & the Assassin

In the lost city of Los Angeles, Lawrence �DJ Muggs� Muggerud the Grandmaster of the Soul Assassins collective and legendary producer and founder of one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time Cypress Hill joins forces with Sick Jacken of the Psycho Realm. In a brilliant tactical move that would make Garry Kasparov proud DJ Muggs and Sick Jacken release �The Legend of the Mask and the Assassin�. With DJ Muggs handling the production side and Sick Jacken and Cynic of the Street Platoon spitting the verbal flames under the black flag of Rebel Music Group. R.M.G. is a new joint venture between Sick Jacken and Universal Music Latino staking claim to the streets via Psycho Realm's World-Wide Sick Side Army.

�The Legend of the Mask and the Assassin� marks the first time that a member of Cypress Hill and a member of the Psycho Realm have joined forces since B-Real introduced the world to The Gonzalez brothers on their classic debut album �The Psycho Realm� in 1997. The result another classic album that adds to the legacy of two of the most influential people in the game today.

The Albums Intro...
Once upon a time... A powerful assassin left the temple to gather his own army. For 10 years he dwelled in the Psycho Realm and joined forces with the rebel soldiers of Street Platoon. Their symbol was the mask...

The Grandmaster heard of his disciples rising legions and arranged a meeting on Cypress Hill. No one truly knows what happened on the hill, but on this day, the army of the Mask and the Soul Assassin became One. - The Legend Continues...

DJ Muggs vs Sick Jacken feat Cynic � Legend of the Mask & the Assassin

The Initiation� - The album starts out with the �The Initiation�, where Sick Jacken and Cynic begin their journey following the treacherous path of thorns. This rite of passage is causing an internal battle of good versus evil and a spiritual rebirth takes place.

Mask and the Assassin� - The tale continues on how the rebels with gas masks came to meet with the grandmaster on the hill, the year was 1-9-9-3 post Los Angeles Riots, the street rebellion the shook the world brought two factions into one destiny. DJ Muggs a modern day Julius Ceasar linked the chains between the assassins and the masked rebel army led by Big Duke and his carnal Sick Jacken of the Sick Symphonies Camp, now the mask and the assassin are one at last in 2-0-0-7.

Ciclon� - With a rock infused beat and war horns blaring in the background, Sick Jack and Cynic rhyme in Spanish about the storm that hits la Cuidad de Los Angeles.

Land of Shadows� - In the �Land of Shadows�, DJ Muggs lays down one of his sickest-darkest-schizophrenic beats where Sick Jacken is caught in the middle of the physical and spiritual world. The lyrics are some of Sick Jacken�s most thought provoking words since Tupac Shakur�s �The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory� album back in 1996.

God�s Banker� - Sick Jacken opens up the books on Roberto Calvi an Italian banker with ties to the Vatican Church. Mr. Calvi was the chairman of Banco Ambrosiano which collapsed in one of Italy�s biggest political scandals and has murdered in London in 1982. In a couple of minutes Sick Jacken speaks volumes on the corruption from Roberto Calvi to the Bishop of Roman aka the Pope and the sovereign city-state of the Vatican the governmental capital of the world-wide Catholic Church.

Reptilian Renaissance� - The Bible speaks of a hybrid race descendents of fallen angels that had relations with earthly women, and created the Nephilim bloodline that terrorized the planet back in the biblical days. This unholy marriage created a lineage for future world leaders to base their power on, �Reptilian Renaissance� puts the spotlight on the President, Prime Minister, the Kings and Queens for their reptilian ways.

Praying Mantis� - In operation �Praying Mantis�, Sick Jacken and Cynic are hired assassins in a covert mission to take out a priest that�s recruiting children based on religion and finishes with a sick twist at the very end.

El Barrio� - El mundo es un Barrio, �El Barrio� is a Latin-fused beat with a funky percussion baseline. Sick Jacken rhymes in Spanish shouting out all the gangeros, mareros, and callejeros of Latin American in a display of solidarity from La Cuidad de Los Angeles en Califas to Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Nicaragua, all the way down to the La Ciudad de Dios in Brazil, united we are un Barrio mundial.

?� - DJ Muggs produces the interlude titled �?�, that designed to raises more questions in our subconscious and leads right into the next track...

Unorthodox Blocks� - �Unorthodox Blocks� is an up-tempo track with guitar riffs with that Muggs vibe. This song is made for those that grew up along the cities poor, living on unorthodox blocks housed behind black steel doors and barred windows living in the danger zone fighting both the streets and the law for survive of the sickest.

The Hole (P.O.W.)� � When you grow up on unorthodox blocks incarceration hangs over Latinos like a noose. Sick Jacken is caught up in the mix as a prisoner of streets wars placed in the black Hole in solitary confinement alone with his private thoughts in the palace of the exiles.

Stairs to the Beast� � �Stairs to the Beast�, is a warning to prepare for the antichrist that�s mark with the number of the beast. Behind the music of a dark symphony Cynic and Sick Jacken give out clues to reveal the dark prince that is the embodiment of evil.

Black Ships� � �Black Ships� is a street anthem for all the psychos that are ridin� do or die style for the rebellion. Jacken spits on one his verses, �I�m with an army of masked men / anybody not wearing one blast�em,� a call of arms to all sick-siders to put in work on the powerful Illuminati.

Rebel Angels� � Another angelic interlude produced by Muggs making the transition into �Silent Crimes�.

Silent Crimes� � Cynic raps about how we carry on in this twisted life with the corruption and political problems in the World that surround us, these are the "Silent Crimes" and how this leads us into strife "Nah I'm really lying my brain stay frying new horizon / Are we really gonna survive it?"

2012� � The grand finale of the album is the Mayan inspired �2012�. The Mayan prophecy of 2012 A.D. tells of an end of the epoch, a time of radical change. "This is a prophecy not philosophy / annihilation of human kind is haunting me..." Cynic spits out lyrics that are about "2012" being more likely a new era of war-fare instead of it being the end of the times. Sick Jacken and Cynic highlight how tragic actions of today that we committed against each other are more important to us then our near future.

Palabras por sal rojas con la ayuda de alicia en Califas

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