Misol Tribe - Sun Shines in Shadowed Souls, Dreaming in Circles

Mexica Indios Surviving Over Life - Los Angeles (browpride.com press release)

I've been hanging out with the M.I.S.O.L. Tribe, lately; catching good vibes with some eastside hip-hop veterans. Listening to feel-good music and enlightening perspective (because that's what they do). After studying the route of knowledge, amidst this world of mass-deception, the best results were found to stem from staying true to the customs of our ancestors. Ol' school like Aztecs. Tizok (the Bloodiest One in Nahuatl) told me, "When an indian has Lost his way, he turns to the spirit world". It's in our inherent nature... in our very Souls, to offer music to the Creator of All Things and sing to the Kingdom of the Sun.

From the perspective of the Hijos(as) del Sol, there is a lot more around us than what is perceived in this physical dimension. Circular thinking patterns are deeply rooted in the culture of our people and in the music. The music... is the mystic bridge to the cosmos:

"Estamos viviendo muertos, madrecitas llorando - escuchen su llanto
Si vivieranos como debieramos, no nos vieranos sufrido tanto.
Estamos viviendo muertos, madrecitas llorando- escuchen los llantos
Si supieranos todo que eramos, nos tuvieramos voz para este canto."

Of course, nowadays, some drum circles are done on Digital apparatus. And in an inner-city atmosphere, ancient ceremonies are performed in Aztlan:

"I stare into where the sun sets, silhouette the temple pyramids turned projects reflecting on the boulevard of Broken Dreams."

"I stare into where the moon rise as Toltec skies is where I find she never denies us..."

Finding the perfect balance between beats and lyrics is established by the experience of an elite crew originally called I.T.S. (It Takes Skills). Legendary members stick together with respect for the good traditions of our forefathers, and have networked an intricate alliance with the underground. Yes, with cutting edge technology and on the state-of-the-art equipment they practice the Toltecatl rituals of Flower and Song. With the devotion of sacred shaman b-boy priests they firmly continue to awaken beliefs that are lost in today's society. Moving forward (tiahui), so that the word spreads, and the "SUN SHINES IN SHADOWED SOULS, DREAMING IN CIRCLES"

Mexica Indios Shout Out Loud - Digital Aztlan NetworK

1. Remnants
2. Adrift
3. Disillusion
4. Enlightened by Darkness
5. Damned
6. Fatalism
7. Empire
8. Cuando Te Fuistes
9. Viviendo
10. Stalemate
11. Subsist
12. In The Secret Window
13. Believe
14 Trinity
15. Fallen
16 No One Anymore
17. Change

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