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The true originators of using spray cans in an urban setting goes back to the Cholo movement of East Los Angeles in the 30's. Where Mexican-American pachuco's created the art from "Placaso" decades before New York created "Trainism". Chicano's were using graffiti in various ways from defining neighborhood borders to creating roll calls of neighborhood gang members. The style of graffiti letters evolved from tradition Old English lettering to Prison style imagery. Today famous Chicano artists such as Mr. Cartoon and Chaz Bojorquez keep the Cholo-inspired artwork alive.

Photo of Fidel Rodriguez (middle) of Divine Forces Radio with Easy Roc (left) and Crazy legs of The Rock Steady Crew. The Rock Steady Crew is a legendary b-boy crew establised in the Bronxs in 1977. Richard "Crazy Legs" Col�n a 24-year veteran of Hip-Hop culture, is one of the original members of the Rock Steady Crew. Credits include many of the first Hip-Hop tours in the early 80's, which set the foundation for what the culture has become. He has been featured in such films as Flashdance, Beat Street, Wild Style, and Style Wars. Crazy Legs' success is a testament to the longevity of Hip-Hop culture and the role Latinos played in the creation of it.

On the day of the Mike Tyson vs. Lennox Lewis prizefight I was invited down to ODM�s recording studio. Where Frank V of Proper Dos was recording his vocals to a beat created by D.J. Pablo for an upcoming Proper Dos album. After being in the studio all day working on perfecting his song dedicated to his Mother. We joined ODM as the fight bell rang and the two heavy weights battled in the center of the ring. I couldn�t help but to compare both legendary rappers as two prizefighting boxers. Both have over ten years of experience under their belts. Both rappers come out in the early nineties and set the tone for the rest of the Latino rappers that came after them. Here we are in the new millennium and ODM has a hit single �Closer� that�s blazing the airwaves in over five states. Both rappers are currently in the studio working on their own albums getting ready to drop bombs like two gladiators poised for war. After surviving and thriving in the music business they are both battled test and

2Mex, has been rhtming since 1990. Gaining recognition as a member of the hip-hop groups the Visionaries and Of Mexican Descent(OMD). 2Mex has established himself as a rescepted independent hip-hop artist. Together with Xololanxinco (Cholo-lan-cinco), OMD are known for combining positive poetry, history, heavy word play, and advanced production, OMD is creating a unique sound for today and tomorrow.

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