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Name/Nick: yaya
E-Mail: [email protected]
City/State: santa ana, cal
Date/Time: 8/3/2007 1:37:39 PM

Your Answers:
Favorite song(s)::
confessions of a drug addict, lost cities, love from the sick side, psycho city blocks, showdown stone garden the big pay back enemy of the state moving through the streets black hole in this life time times were living ghetto sport good time dysfunctional unknown soldier palace of exile wasted... man who am i bull shitting i like ,,wait scatch that i love all there songs.
The best rapper(s) of all-time are::
psycho realm, sick symphoniez
The clothing brand I like to sport the most::
psycho realm...
The ultimate cruising vechicle::
lol nothing
Favorite movie(s)::
the gangsta shit blood in blood out mi vida loca blvd nights
The sports team you support the most is::
angels baby!!!
The magazine you read the most::
cheeseme magazine,lol
The best book you ever read::
fuck i havent found one yet
Who's your greatest inspiration and why?:
my mom because she brought me up good..
Favorite hobbies::

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