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Name/Nick: AlyssaMae
E-Mail: [email protected]
City/State: LittleEagle, South Dakota
Date/Time: 11/1/2007 11:04:22 AM

Your Answers:
Favorite song(s)::
Forever by NB Ridaz... and Notorious Thugs by Bone Thugs N Harmony
The best rapper(s) of all-time are::
Bone Thugs N Harmony & of Course Eazy-E
The clothing brand I like to sport the most::
Prolly Nike and Jordans
The ultimate cruising vechicle::
Favorite movie(s)::
Love and Basketball and Crossover
The sports team you support the most is::
Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets
The magazine you read the most::
Prolly would have to be Us
The best book you ever read::
Detour for Emmy
Who's your greatest inspiration and why?:
my greatest inspiration would have to be Common because even though he didn't win any awards the time he sang and stuff he never gave up until he got an award and he is still going to keep on going and that shows alot of faith and hope in yourself and i wanna be like that when i start working on my dream
Favorite hobbies::
Play basketball, walk around with my homies and i like to spend time with my boyfriend and my lil bros ans sisters

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