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Name/Nick: BrOwN13
E-Mail: [email protected]
City/State: SAN D13g0 to C-V1LL3
Date/Time: 11/4/2008 3:52:58 PM

Your Answers:
Favorite song(s)::
M3xicAN H3av3n by S.P.M and NO Sunsh1n3 by FRosT
The best rapper(s) of all-time are::
El Maz Ch1ngOn **LIL ROB**, LIl Cu3t3, SanChO,Y todOZ loz ChingOn3z de Califa p3RroZz
The clothing brand I like to sport the most::
sum MO+HAFucK1n DiCk13z KON my BLU3 RAG
The ultimate cruising vechicle::
PUR) loWR1d3rz...CADILLACS....diz ON3 go3z to on3 of th3 best CHI-tOwN LOwR1d3rS club's PSYCHOS DREAMS y V13JitOs...keep it r3aL vatO
Favorite movie(s)::
BLOod in BLoOd OuT.: M! v1dA lOkA
The sports team you support the most is::
PUr0 SocC3R..datz WuT i'm GoOd at
The magazine you read the most::
LOWRIDER MAGAZINES...sim0n GOtTA kno WAT oth3r HOm13s around da world b3 doin for la RAZA
The best book you ever read::
ALwaYz RunnIN(mi Vida LOKA)
Who's your greatest inspiration and why?:
I"M insp1r3d by MY aBUliTA, da MAn ABoV3 to0k her per0 i thank HEr por todaz LAS cosas k sh3 did 4 m3...N da LORD DIOSITO sin el we aint SHYT
Favorite hobbies::
BInN wiTH my F1rm3 VATO.: R1d1n in MY BLU3 LOW to0 i b KIckin dat FUCK3r

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