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Name/Nick: VeRoNiCa LeaL / cHiNa
E-Mail: [email protected]
City/State: pOrT aRtHuR tX
Date/Time: 4/18/2012 10:53:34 PM

Your Answers:
Favorite song(s)::
ToO mAnY tO nAmE I LoVe MuSiC
The best rapper(s) of all-time are::
LiL WaYnE, NiCk MiNaJ, eMiNeM aNd mO I'm sUrE
The clothing brand I like to sport the most::
PoLo aNd aNyThiNg JoRdAn
The ultimate cruising vechicle::
CaDiLLaC aNd HoNdAs
Favorite movie(s)::
toO mAnY YeT aGaiN LoVe MoViEs
The sports team you support the most is::
LA LaKeRs,MiAmi HeaT, HoUsTon RoCkeTs, HouStOn aStrOs, HOuSton tExanS, DaLLaS CoWBoYs, bUt aLL TiMe KoBe FaN
The magazine you read the most::
LoWriDeR aRte, LoWriDeR MaGaZiNe
The best book you ever read::
Who's your greatest inspiration and why?:
Mi JeFa CuZ sHe WaSnT aFraiD oF DeaTh, LiFe oR aNyThiNg EitheR oNe tRew aT HeR
Favorite hobbies::
DRawinG BoMb aSs KyTeS, cHiLLeN WiT mY 3 KiDs BeLiNdA MaRtiNeZ, JaYdeN ISaiAh SoLaNo, aNd aNaiAh RoSaLeNe SoLaNo. PLaYiNg pS3 WiT mY BbY DaDdY TaKiNg CaRe mY FaM

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