The Gatekeeper - Opens Mar. 19


Based in fact, John Carlos Frey�s self financed, independent film �The Gatekeeper� gives audiences an opportunity to experience a world they may have only heard about.

After wining ten national indie film festival awards in the past year, �The Gatekeeper� makes it�s Los Angles debut for general release. John Carlos Frey, director, writer, producer and star of the film takes the audience on one man�s personal journey through the mysterious underground of drug and human trafficking. �The Gatekeeper� opens at Laemmle theaters - Los Angeles, March 19.

�The Gatekeeper� is the story of a Border Patrol agent's struggle between conscience and self-loathing. Agent Adam Fields, a self hating, Mexican American field officer indulges his narrow-minded beliefs by taking his border guard position to the extreme. It isn�t until he is forced to endure the conditions of those he has so vehemently hated that he sees the situation from a more enlightened perspective.

�Hollywood didn�t want to tell this story, so I raised the money myself,� says Frey who was born in Tijuana, Mexico and raised in San Diego a quarter of a mile north of the border.

�I did extensive research and conducted numerous personal interviews with undocumented immigrants in order to formulate the screenplay,� continues Frey.

Recently, Guadalupe, Arizona, a town of mostly Mexican migrants near Phoenix, AZ issued an official proclamation endorsing the film �The Gatekeeper� because of its timely themes and accurate depiction of the criminal cruelties suffered by the undocumented.

�We know of the hardships immigrants go through,� Guadalupe Mayor Cota said. �With this proclamation we are encouraging people everywhere to go see the film.�

�The movie (�The Gatekeeper�) isn't so much the story of migrant journeys as it is about migrant experiences after they get here - how easy it is to abuse them because we pretend they don't exist,� writes staff columnist, Ricardo Pimentel of the �Arizona Republic�

After seeing the film, Lisa Navarrete, VP, Office of Public Information for The Council of La Raza (NCLR) said, �The Gatekeeper� humanizes the tragedies of current immigration policy. This is a timely and important film�

�The Gatekeeper� was honored in 2002 and 2003 with the five �Audience Choice-Best Film� awards three jury �Best Film� honors as well as awards for �Distinguished Performance� and �Best Director� from international film festivals across the country. The film most recently was screened for the Hispanic Caucus in Washington, D.C. to help raise awareness. The picture was written, directed and produced by John Carlos Frey. Executive producer of the film is Jack Lorenz. Cast members include Frey, Michelle Agnew, Anne Betancourt, Joel Brooks, J. Patrick McCormack, Joe Pascual and Tricia O�Kelley.

"The Gatekeeper" opens at Laemmle Theaters Los Angeles on Friday, March 19 for general release.

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