"Generations of Attitudes" by Gaspar Enriquez of El Paso, Texas. (Photo by Sal Rojas Photography)

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"Painting is not done to decorate apartments. It is an instrument of war for attack and defense against the enemy." � Pablo Picasso 1945

"Art is the heart's explosion on the world. Music. Dance. Poetry. Art on cars, on walls, on our skins. There is probably no more powerful force for change in this uncertain and crisis-ridden world than young people and their art. It is the consciousness of the world breaking away from the strangle grip of an archaic social order." - Luis J. Rodriguez

"Art is composed of two important elements, which are Form and Content. Form is the harmonious arrangement of color, value, line, shape and texture. Context is the subject matter and the concept that the artist is trying to convey to the viewer." - Emigdio Vasquez | Professional Artist

"A Chicano kid grows up with walls of many kinds around him. When somebody is born into that situation, there are several things he can do. He can ignore the walls and sink into apathy. Or he can become violent and try to blow up the walls. But there is a third way, a way that people have used for centuries. And that is to perform a kind of ritual magic to neutralize the force of the walls by decorating them with signs, symbols, and art. Chicano street writers choose this third way." - Gusmano Cesaretti, Street Writers (1975)

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