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Tell us a little about yourself?

I was born and raised in Orange County, California, the oldest sibling of three.

Tell us a little about Street Fuego and Hot 97.5?

Well the Street Fuego is a live Latin Hip-Hop show that started about 2 � years ago. It airs every Sunday night from 6-9 pm on Hot 97.5 in Las Vegas. You can catch it live on the Internet by going to It�s the number one show in Las Vegas. There are three features for the show. The first one is the shout outs segment called �La Chispa� that�s where you spark up the Street Fuego with shout outs. Also there is a segment called �Fuego Double Shot� basically listeners can send me an e-mail at [email protected] request to hear two songs from there favorite artist which I will play back to back, read their e-mail and shout outs. and the last one is called "Street Fuego pick of the week" basically listeners send me e-mail to vote for their favorite song, the most requested song gets played at 1:45 pm Monday thru Friday. Hot 97.5 is a new station here in Las Vegas, Nevada that has been around for a couple of years.

What makes the Street Fuego unique compared to other programs and radio stations?

What makes this show unique is that it�s live, the show supports local talent and the only time you hear these artists is on the Street Fuego radio show.

Are there any songs and groups that are currently blazing the Street Fuego airwaves?

Well, there are so many songs to name; every single song that I play on the show is blazing. Just to name a few joints I would say the new Diamonique track featuring Xzibit titled "Boom Bap (remix)", Chino Brown featuring Johnny Boy and D. Nero�s "Es Mi Orgullo", Nino Brown�s "Pretty Mama" featuring Sick Jacken and Slow Pain, and the ladies favorite "Pretty Girl" by 602�s own NB Ridaz.

When are you on the air, so the listeners can check you out in Las Vegas?

Well of course Sundays 6-9 pm for the Latin Hip-Hop Street Fuego show. I�m also on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 3-6 am. Monday mornings I�m on the air from 1-5:30 am and Tuesday mornings 12-5:30am, so basically when everyone is asleep.

What inspired you to become a radio personality?

When I was a little kid I kind of wanted to be on the radio, but it wasn�t until I graduated from high school that I found my love and passion for radio thanks to my friend and mentor Johnny Cuervo (formerly a power 106 personality) he helped me out and taught me a lot. Still to this day I appreciate him for what he taught me. I wouldn�t be where I am at right now.

What DJs and music did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to all the DJs at power 106 from the Baka Boys to Big Boy. The music that I like was hip-hop and R&B, and a little bit of alternative.

How did you break into the industry?

Like I said before Johnny Cuervo helped me, I was with him all the time when he was at power 106 learning as much as I could. But my first official big break was here at Hot 97.5, they hired me to be the host of the Street Fuego radio show. This is just the beginning�

What have you learned about the industry as it relates to the Latino Hip-Hop market?

I have learned that it�s difficult for us Latinos to get on the radio compared to other races. We are the majority in the United States, but still you do not hear us on regular rotation. There are a lot of talented artists out there but they are not being heard.

What types of music do you primarily play and what�s the response you�re getting?

Well during the Street Fuego show I play all Latin Hip-Hop� and the response is huge. The three hours that I'm on, the phones don�t stop ringing. Listeners love all the music on the show no matter what their race is they love it!!!

What are some steps we need to take as people to make our presence felt in the music industry?

First of all we need to make quality music from production to the lyrics of the song. We need to stop being so gang related on songs because not everyone has lived that life or at least be creative how you write the song so everyone can relate. Remember you are making music for people to enjoy. Trust me if you put a quality record out and everyone does the same the industry will know we are coming even we though have always been here.

Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in America, where do you see the Latin influence in Las Vegas?

I see it growing, using the show is an example I have try to play music that everyone will enjoy not just us Latinos, and if I can get everyone to like it then maybe I can start a trend here in Las Vegas for us Latinos to be heard on the radio 24/7 not just on a three hour show once a week, that�s bullshit!!!!!!

Do radio request lines really make a difference on the song selection?

To a certain extent it does. You can�t just call up to request your homies song; the record has to be on point. But, if it�s a hot record and it gets requested it will get played.

What does it take for an up and coming hip-hop group to get radio play?

Well as far as on our show, for a Latin hip-hop group or artist you have to put together quality music. Just like I talked about before it has to be on point and hot. Hopefully I answered the question.

Do you have any words of wisdom for the next generation on the come up?

Just do what you love, and put all of what you have into it and you'll get there.

Cisco of Street Juego

Shout outs to everyone supporting the Latin Hip-Hop game, to my whole family and friends, especially to all my people that listen to the Street Fuego. Remember check it out Sundays 6-9 pm on Hot 97.5 or Hit me up at [email protected]

al rato!!!!!!!!

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