Pinero opens to rave reviews

San Francisco, CA.- In the rare moments that poetry, spoken and otherwise, gets represented by film, a diverse crowd found themselves immersed in the performance of Benjamin Bratt in "Pinero" on opening night in San Francisco this past Friday, January 25, 2002. 

As if an omen was necessary, I found myself sitting in front of Alice Walker and her guests at the premiere of Leon Ichaso's film about the infamous Nuyorican poet Miguel Pinero.

No film comes flawless, but the performances of Benjamin Bratt and Giancarlo Esposito were so moving that I found myself in the roof tops of New York while daydreaming of a free Puerto Rico where poetry feeds, nurtures and heals without much need for metaphors.

In the same week that the Latino television show "American Family" premiered to American audiences, it is the film Pinero that has captured the hearts and minds of poets, writers, and dreamers alike.

I truly hope that you will make the journey to see this life-changing film, if such a thing exists. Please take a pen and a pad, and you might find yourself both praying, singing, crying and writing poetry in the bathroom stall.

cesar a. cruz- teolol
Eternal Flame - by cesar a. cruz

in the Bay Area-Pinero is playing exclusively at:
Landmark's Lumiere-California at Polk (SF)

In the Los Angeles Area-Pinero is playing at:
Laemmle's Sunset - 5 Theatres
West Hollywood | 323-848-3500

Official Pinero Website

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