Salma Hayek is Frida Kahlo

"Frida" opens in Los Angeles and New York on October 25th, the rolls out nationwide on November 1st!

"Frida", directed by Julie Taymor ("Titus," "The Lion King" musical), tells the unique and amazing story of Latin icon & artist Frida Kahlo. Painters Frida Kahlo (SALMA HAYEK) and Diego Rivera (ALFRED MOLINA), became two of the most acclaimed artists in Mexican history. For nearly thirty years, Kahlo and Rivera were at the center of an international maelstrom of artists, intellectuals and radicals seeking to revolutionize government and culture. Their tempestuous love affair, landmark journeys to America and outrageous personalities made them controversial and larger-than-life. Their extraordinary talent, unconventional lifestyles and personal relationships with a group of figures are diverse as Leon Trotsky (GEOFFREY RUSH), David Siquieros (ANTONIO BANDERAS) Tina Modotti (ASHLEY JUDD) and Nelson Rockefeller (EDWARD NORTON) made them legends.

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