Coconut Teaszers, Hollywood(4.12.00)
8117 Sunset Blvd Hollywood, CA
What comes to mind when you think of the infamous Coconut Teaszers club in Hollywood, California? Screeching guitars and wailing vocals over heavy metal backbeats? PSYCH! What about Hip-Hop in a positive setting of unity and brotherhood on the underground tip? Can't be done, never happen... PEEP GAME, on Wednesday, April 12th the brothers from Digital Aztlan, 5th Battalion, and Cafe con Leche fullfilled the prophecy and brought the underground scene to the notorious Sunset Strip.

First off, the spot is tight and we will be back!
  • The main room was poppin all night long with everybody representing for their respective crews and heads that are down with the scene.
  • The spacious outdoor patio (over looking Sunset Strip) was heated and gave all the heads somewhere to lounge, smoke, drink, and generally shake hands and make plans.
  • The three pool rooms were always full of beautiful pool sharks ready to hustle you out of all your chips.
  • Oh, did I mention three full bars to quench our collective thirst (and we were thirsty!)
  • If that wasn't enough, there was another dance floor downstairs with a DJ and plush couches to just kick it or get your groove on...
  • The Digital Aztlan crew were filming the evening, so stay logged on, they may have caught you in a compromising position.

    The show started @ 9pm with DJ Lumps and DJ 1987 spinning throughout the evening. Cash and Citric from "The Hip Hop Show" were the masters of ceremonies and kept all the party people hyped all night long. Los Tumbados fusion of rap and rock definitely took it to another level. Check out these cats out at and you'll see what I mean. The homies from La Paz (Kool Aid, Dez, and DJ Sloe Poke) are true B-Boys in every sense of the word, and the music they're dropping isn't no joke. Listen closely to their lyrics, but be careful you may learn something. Earthquake Institute was next, what can I say? You have to experience their stage show, no one's doing anything like it. I won't spoil it for you, but check it out for yourselves. You'll understand where I'm coming from. My homies from The Answer continue to show their deep, thought out, poetic, spiritual, physical ways through their GOD given lyrics and uplifting beats that take you through the "Realms Of The Divine". El Nuevo Xol, what can I say, Damm! They ripped s$#% up again. If you haven't caught up with ENX you're sleeping. Don't trip though, these homies represent every chance they get and their music will have your body grooving and head noddin'. Street Platoon continued to bring the Street Revolution to the new heads, always representing to the fullest. They have some deep ass s#@$, peep them when you get a chance. Last, but not least, Delinquent Habits came through with jams that took the heads back as well as giving us a little taste of things to come off their new album entitled "Merry Go Round". No need for words for these cats their music speaks for itself! You know what's up, If you don't, snap out of it! One love to all the artist that blessed us with their lyrical messages and a special Q-VO to everyone that came and supported the scene.

    Representing the underground: O.T.W., Tiny, Latin Frozz, Grasshopper (2nd State), Twisted Region, Mafioso, VooDoo Click, Crazy Race, Sal (Rap Pages), Jesse (W.S. Original wear), Youth Student Network, Monteloco, Brown Town Looters, Rhyme Poetic Mafia, The Sick Side Click, Top Nation Clothing, Gato from L.A.C., and Kool Aid (Power 106fm) and anyone else we forgot to mention. Again much love to all the gente who supported.
    til next time, Peace and One Love.
    Carlitos Cafe con Leche
    event info contact 5th Battalion @310-358-6968 or [email protected]

  • Kimo representing the Lower East Side    Coconut Teaszers, Hollywood

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