The Joint, West Los Angeles
8771 W. PICO BLVD., West L.A.
With the growing presence of Latinos in Hip-Hop and the emerging talent thatís ready to make their mark for the new millennium. Hip-Hop shows for up-and -coming Hip-Hop groups were few and far between. An outlet was needed to help underground artists sharpen their lyrical swords and stage presence. Digital Aztlan and Fifth Battalion filled the gap and created a stage and place where Latinos could lounge and network with each other. The shows thrown so far in hot spots like The Joint (West L.A.) and the infamous Coconut Teasers on the Sunset Strip (Hollywood) have been getting great reviews. With a following that keeps growing and getting stronger with each show I hope you can join us in on the next event.

El Nuevo Xol    The Joint

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