The Revolution Infiltrates the Sunset Strip
8117 Sunset Blvd Hollywood, CA
THE REVOLUTION INFILTRATES THE SUNSET STRIP - Coconut Teaszers, Thursday June 1, 2000

First things first, When we speak about Revolution, we're talking unity, consciousness, brotherhood and social change through our music and shows. If your tired of all the typical industry bullshit, and just want to be part of a real movement, join the Aztlan Revolution!

Dope Poet Regiment fired the first shots. They got that crazy Compton attitude without the typical gangster lyrics you’re so used to. These cats are true soldiers whose opening barrage set the tone for the onslaught that followed. How you get down?

SEKOU (say-coo) THA MISFIT uplifted the troops with his own brand of mind expanding Hip-Hop.

THE CHOSEN continue to move up the ranks of the resistance, and it's no wonder, these boys are doing that [email protected] The stage show tight! The lyrics tight! And the music production hella tight! And did you see DJ 1987 tearing the roof off with his congas? Beware of this crew... Their gonna' getcha!

2ND STATE were spitting mad-ass lyrics for the strictly hardcore Hip-Hop heads. Site Sta Raw and Fraudulent The Foe's verbal assault and producer Grasshopper's beats left everyone grasping for that last breath. People were bobbing their head so hard, I could of swore I heard their necks cracking. On stage with them was the Filthee Immigrants, These boys ain't no joke!

ICE-T once again showed his support of the underground, with his presence on the front lines introducing his camp members...THE LATIN FROZZ. What can I say? The ladies love the Frozz with their Honduras roots shinning through their music, booties were wigglin', and well, you get the picture...

TRILOGY led the second wave of the assault and keep getting tighter and tighter every time they play out. Big ups to their new producer Javy Lopez for revitalizing such a dynamic force-to be reckoned with, watch your backs!

The looting and mobbing reached its apex with the LOOTERS MOB and DIRTY TACTICS ripping the stage. Oh yeah, you may recognize some of the faces on stage, Cash and Citric are the host of the Hip-Hop Show.

With their kamikaze tactics, Oxnard’s TERMINAL MADDNESS decimated the crowd and took no prisoners. Their stage theatrics blew everyone away and left no doubt in anyone's mind... The revolution is here and now.

Much props the all the resident DJs: DJ 1987, Lumps, Simon Sez, Spitball, and of course the host Cash and Citric of The Hip-Hop Show for entertaining and directing the masses. If that wasn’t enough, Cafe con Leche rocked the second room with dance music that kept the crowd bumping and grinding all night long. Big ups to DJs Jimmy Jam, Sloe Poke, Insanity, and oh yeah almost forgot Carlito (that be me).

Thanks to the underground companies for their promotional giveaways: Aztlan Graphixs, WS Originals, Rap Pages (En Espanol), B-side Hip-Hop surplus store, Collegiate Circuit magazine, 2nd State gear, and Blu magazine.

Special thanks to the true street soldiers whose continue support gives the Revolution it's voice through Hip-Hop: Fernando Vargas (IBF middleweight champ), Ice-T, Mellow Man Ace, Sal (rap pages), Street Platoon, Twisted Region, La Paz, Tiny, El Nuevo Xol, Aztlan Underground, Mafiosos, Rhyme Poetic Mafia, O.T.W., MayDay, Proe, F.A.M., Mass Appeal, CLUE, all the ladies...all the ladies...all the ladies in the house. Who said Hip-Hop shows don't have honeys?

And especially to all the gente that continue to show love through your support at our shows, much love! But wait, we’re not done, this is just one more battle, one more campaign in the struggle against the watered down, radio friendly, corporate backed RAP industry, you know what we are talking about and if you don't...SNAP!

I'm out CARLTO

Fernando Vargas came and showed his support!    Hollywood, Ca

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